Welfare Wednesday Podcast No.3: Don’t Rush to Rent

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Boo! It’s almost Halloween! Which means it’s almost that time of year where the student housing nightmare begins. Every year the rumours about all the good houses being gone begin to circulate, the rush of panicked house viewings start and deposits are begrudgingly handed over.

But what if we told you it didn’t have to be this way, that it’s OK to take your time, choose your new housemates wisely and that you don’t have to rush to rent?!

Sounds pretty good huh? Listen to our Welfare Wednesday podcast below to hear some student housing horror stories, sound advice and all the tips, tricks and treats from VP Welfare, Isabella and guests 👇🎧 There’s a whole ghost of scary myths about student housing, so let’s clean this up once and for ghoul (sorry). 


Myth one:  You have to find a house before January! ⏰

Nu uh!

It’s a good idea not to rush and here’s why:

  • You’ll have time to find out loads more about what to look for in a house
  • You can get to know your friends before they become the housemate from hell. You’ve only known them since September, a few more months won’t hurt and you don’t know who you might meet in the months to come!
  • You can check out SUSU Lettings – the Students’ Union run lettings agency that won’t charge you agency fees
  • Take advantage of The Advice Centre’s housing advice and contract checking service

Top Tip: Don’t be fooled into thinking that the big letting agents and their flashy advertising are your only option – private landlords can often have better quality houses, lower fees and more efficient service.


Myth two: All the good houses go first! 🏚️

Fake news!

Some letting agents release their housing stocks in stages to trick people into thinking there aren’t many houses left. Private landlords will often wait to advertise their houses or just rely on adverts in the window because they don’t have the budget to splash out on fancy marketing. If good houses are the easiest to get students to rent then it may be that the more difficult ones to shift will be pushed first.

It’s going to be your home over the next year and a place where you sleep, study and socialise – it’s worth taking your time to make the right decision. There’s nothing like house-envy when you’ve already handed over a hefty deposit and then your dream place comes along.


Myth three: I won’t have anywhere to live! ⛺

Don’t panic. You will.

Southampton has more than enough student houses, so don’t be pressured into signing for a house you’re not happy with. Houses to let are advertised throughout the year, so it’s very possible you will find a house well after the Easter break. You might also be able to apply to live in Halls of Residence for another year (groups of friends can also do this!), and the University will provide information about this later in the year.


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