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The STRIVE scheme: Student Recognition in Volunteering e-Badges

We are very excited to be in the second year of our STRIVE scheme recognising all the wonderful volunteering work that you are doing and will do over the course of your studies at the University of Southampton!

Our mission within this scheme is to make sure that your volunteering accomplishments and experience are recognised in a legitimate way and can be showcased to prospective employers, therefore enhancing your future employability

We recognise your volunteering experience by issuing an e-Badge, a micro-credential of your volunteering experience.

The volunteering experience we recognise can range from organising an awareness campaign to volunteering in an animal shelter to helping out at a fundraising event to representing fellow students’ views.

STRIVE eBadges fall under four pathways – Leading Academic Change, Serving Community, Developing Business and Enriching Student Life – and four levels of engagement – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum (awarded for high impact initiative or change which adheres with SUSU values regardless of the pathway). You can choose a pathway and work your way up, and each level encourages you to develop your skills the complexities of those skills become more apparent.

eBadges are earnt through our closed group on BadgeList.

To earn an eBadge, you will be asked to provide evidence of your volunteering for a number of tasks, which are closely aligned with what employers are looking for in graduates – communication, organisation, collaboration and understanding of stakeholders. Your evidence can include plans, e-mails, images, videos, social media posts and more. To help us understand the context and meaning of your evidence, you will be asked to add a short narrative.

If you happen to have any questions about the STRIVE scheme, you can always reach us at strive@susu.org

Completing a STRIVE e-Badge

To complete a STRIVE eBadge, just follow the four easy steps.

You are welcome to upload your evidence gradually throughout the year or all at once at any point in the year.

Once you feel confident, you can submit your e-Badge evidence to be reviewed by our staff-Sabbatical Officer teams.

The STRIVE eBadges will be awarded as and when you submit the evidence.

How to get started with the STRIVE scheme …

  1. Go to www.badgelist.com/SUSU-ebadges and enter our Join Code, which is: SUSU
  2. Enter your details as requested and set up a personal profile.
  3. Scroll through the two pages to see the eBadges you can complete.

How to complete an eBadge…

  1. Click on the eBadge you would like to be awarded

2. Look through the tasks, and if the eBadge is the right fit for you, click ‘Join this badge’

3. Go through each Task and upload evidence by clicking on the ‘Plus’ button. Reminder: you may need to add more than one piece of evidence for each task.

4. Once all your evidence is uploaded, clink on ‘View your badge portfolio’.

5. Once you feel you are ready to submit it to us, click on ‘Request feedback’.

6. You will receive an e-mail when your eBadge has been awarded!

Adding your eBadges to LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter

You can share your eBadges via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, or embed the code in your CV.

To share it, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile to see the eBadges you ahve earned
  2. Click on the eBadge you would like to share
  3. Click on ‘Share the badge’
  4. Select the platform where you would like to share it

Things to remember!

Once you’ve clicked ‘Request feedback’ you can’t edit your submission, so always double check!

When you share your eBadge(s) on LinkedIn, the link will always take you or the employer looking at your profile to the evidence you provided. This way we are transparent and also showcase your achievements to the world!

If you have any questions about the STRIVE scheme, get in touch at strive@susu.org

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