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Student feedback success! Midwifery students recently campaigned for new tunic uniforms, which was granted to new Midwifery students starting in September 2018. Following further student feedback, it has now been agreed all Midwifery students (apart from those in their final year) will receive three sets of the new style uniforms.

Midwifery Department President, Jenny Fowles, explained this further in a recent Facebook post to the SUSU Environmental and Life Sciences Reps page, which we have shared below:

“As you know the midwifery students have campaigned this year to get the midwifery uniform changed to tunics in view of options regarding professionalism and interactions with women. Thankfully the midwifery staff took on feedback from our SSLC and had discussions with appropriate staff members. The School of Health Sciences decided to change the midwifery uniform for the new midwifery students starting in September 2018.

This was fantastic news however the other current midwifery students wanted uniform changing too. Initially we were told the uniform could not be provided to current students as a uniform had already been provided. Our students then asked if they would be able to purchase additional uniform from their own funds if they wanted to. We were advised this was possible but was unsure if this meant a full uniform change or just tunics/tops.

After further discussion with the School we are very delighted that a decision had been made to provide all midwifery students (excluding third year students who will be qualifying in February) with 3 full sets of uniform similar to the nursing students (blue pinstriped tunics and blue trousers) with University of Southampton Health Sciences STUDENT embroidered on the left breast. As I said the midwifery student are all very happy with this decision and are thankful to the midwifery and faculty staff for listening to our concerns regarding uniforms.” 

Jenny also highlights how this is a huge step in the right direction from the Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences, given there are calls for healthcare uniforms to be nationalised.

Our VP Education, Sam Dedman, says: “This is an absolutely fantastic story from our Reps over in Midwifery – keep up the fantastic work!” 

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