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This You Are More Than our Sabbs are bringing you some excellent top tips for exam season. We are starting with our VP Welfare Isabella Camilleri who is sharing her suggestions for looking after yourself when things get stressful. Watch below 👇🎬

You might want to be somewhere comfy but Isabella suggests separating the environment where you sleep and the one where you chill. “If you bring them together you’ll be stressed when you’re trying to sleep and when you’re trying to work you’ll just want to nap.”

“It doesn’t have to be a stressful environment” Isabella says. “I didn’t really like being super quiet in the library, I liked going to The Bridge because it had that coffee shop kind of vibe and sounds.”

Isabella’s next tip – eat breakfast! “Breakfast is so important. I still struggle with it now because I’ve always been a non-breakfast person. Get something really easy like cereal or something. Be kind to yourself in the sense that if you did have the Domino’s don’t feel guilty but also kind to yourself and fuel the machine that is your body with good things.”

It’s also important to relax! “Give yourself a break” says Isabella, “you want to find an environment where you can chill out or a sport or an activity that makes you feel really good. I like going for walks. I can get stuck in my own head and get stressed about things but going outside being in the greenery, breathing some fresh air, that is the way that I like to give myself a break.”

Remember look after yourself during exam periods. “Self-care directly affects your productivity. It also gives you the opportunity to put things into perspective and know that exams are important but they’re not everything. It’s important to make sure you look after yourself and that you’re healthy in yourself and that you’re happy. That is just as important as your exam results, more so even.”

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