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This You Are More Than our Sabbs are bringing you some excellent top tips for exam season. Next up we have VP Communities Emily Harrison.Watch her exam tips video to learn how it’s done 👇🎬

First step for Emily is to get out all her highlighters and coloured pens. “When I would study I would get all the colours I could possibly get because I love to colour code.”

“I go through and highlight all of the useful information with different colours” says Emily “and then I will go through with revision cards and follow up on the colours.”

Although it might seem like a chaotic way to revise, Emily prefers to look at it as ‘organised chaos’. “I’m organized in a disorganized way” says Emily. “It looks a bit chaotic because there’s colours everywhere, different pens, books and cards but in my head I know what it means. There is a structure somewhere. There is method to the madness.”

Enemies of revision:

Not getting enough sleep 🛏

“Sounds really obvious and it’s one of those things that if you’re running out of time feels like a really easy shortcut but you do feel worse.”

Dehydration 💦

“Water is super important. I always have water. It does mean you have to go to the bathroom more often but it’s a risk I take. Water helps your brain keep going.”

Eating 🥦

“Make sure you’re eating and eating well. It’s really easy in exam season to eat rubbish but don’t do it.”

“I think the biggest enemy to revision is trying to shoe horn yourself into using a technique that just doesn’t work for you. We want to share how we revise to give people ideas but don’t let someone else tell you how to revise. Find what works for you.”

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