Spring Elections: Our top tips for candidates

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So, you’ve decided to nominate yourself to represent students in our Spring Elections – that’s great! Take a look at our top tips below for every stage in our elections, from submitting your nomination, to campaigning, and those all-important votes. You can nominate yourself at susu.org/elections or suggest a friend at susu.org/representation/suggest-a-friend.

First up, consider these tips before submitting your nomination…

  • Talk to your course mates to see what problems they have faced as a student. Doing the groundwork before submitting your nomination can help you to have a campaign that speaks to your fellow students.
  • Talk to staff at SUSU, we are here to answer your questions and help with any concerns you have. We can provide facts and figures if you need this for your nomination, but your nomination must be something you write yourself.
  • Focus on what you would change and how you would improve student life at Southampton. You don’t need to have experience or prior skills to be a good candidate, just passion and ideas.

During the campaigning period…

  • Our candidates always make the most of social media but if you are considering using your budget for ads, remember that this year you can campaign online from Monday 18 February until the end of voting. This is longer than previous years, so use this time wisely!
  • There is nothing like the personal touch with your voters. Getting out and speaking to students face-to-face is vital and has much more impact than posters can. Visiting students at sites is a brilliant way to reach more students and we will be providing minibuses in the final week to help you get out and about, so watch this space.
  • Be creative! One of the best things about the Spring Elections is how the campus comes alive with candidates campaigning and canvasing students. You want to make sure that your message sticks with students so they remember you at the voting booth.

Remember to look after yourself…

  • Please remember that your degree comes first. The reason you are here is for your education and the University will not provide any extensions or special considerations for running as a candidate in elections.
  • If you have any concerns, you can always come and speak to staff here at SUSU and we will do our best to help. We also have our Advice Centre which is independent from the University and provides free, confidential support and guidance.
  • Eat well, get sleep and drink plenty of water. It’s easy to forget these simple things when you’re juggling your commitments with campaigning.

When it comes to voting…

  • Don’t forget to vote! As a candidate you are able to vote for yourself in the Spring Elections and for the team you want to work with.
  • Ask students to make you their number 1 candidate. We use Single Transferable Voting (STV) where students will rank candidates by preference. You will want to be number 1 on their list!
  • Make sure your voters are informed. Share your ideas and your passion for the role with them to help them feel confident choosing you at the voting booth. We will share your 5 key points under your name on the voting screen.

Now you’re all set, here’s how to nominate yourself…

1. Login to susu.org/elections and click Nominate Now
2. Pick your role, there are 41 to choose from!
3. Tell voters “Why vote for me?” in 500 words or less.
4. Pick out your top 5 changes or campaign points.
5. Click submit!

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