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This You Are More Than our Sabbs are bringing you some excellent top tips for exam season. We’re bringing you even more exam tips courtesy of our VP DCI Evie ReillyWatch the exam tips video below 👇🎬

Top tips 

Teaching people what you know 

“If you can explain it to someone who has no idea what you’re talking about then it’s a really good way to make sure you really know what you’re talking about. Sometimes you can think you’re making a really good argument but actually you’re not. One of the other things my friend does is she uses Snapchat to send a big group of us little sound bites of what she’s working on.”

Working with other people

“You can hold each other to account. If you said you’re going to write 3000 words or you’re going to learn 20 flash-cards, you can make sure that you do that. I used to find it really useful. I didn’t like going to the library alone because I absolutely would not do the work that I was supposed to. I would just sit there and play on my phone or get distracted on the internet and realise I’d been there for three hours and not done any work. If I’d go with my friends we’d make sure that we did it, we’d give each other evil eyes if we saw we were procrastinating.”

Taking time off

“In our student house we would agree a time where none of us would do any work. We all had exams or deadlines at the same time but we would say, in the evening, for two hours we’d have time where no one was studying. People could make sure they were eating dinner, going to the gym or just kind of hang out as a house. Although on one side having the positive peer pressure of making each other work is really good, you also need to encourage each other to take a break. People work in different ways but everyone needs that break.”

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