Spring Elections: Run for VP Welfare and Community!

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If you’re thinking of running for the role of VP Welfare and Community, you might want to know what you’ll be working on day-to-day, and what you’re responsible for. Find out more about life as one of our Sabbatical Officers below…

VP Welfare and Community promotes and supports student wellbeing, with a focus on mental and physical health, safety and housing. They represent students with protected characteristics, amplifying their voice and lobbying the University on feedback relating to equality and diversity. They run campaigns based around welfare and awareness, as well as supporting cultural events and celebrations.

Leading on student welfare

  • Promote student wellbeing, with a focus on mental and physical health, safety and housing.
  • Ensure that student welfare is a consideration in all Union activities and promoting the support services available.
  • Lobby the University to act on student feedback with regards to the support services it offers, and any wider wellbeing issues.

Leading on equality and diversity within the Union

  • Represent, support and amplify the voices of students with protected characteristics, as illustrated through equal rights legislation.
  • Lobby the University to act on feedback with regards to equality and diversity issues.
  • Ensure the accessibility and inclusivity of all sites and all activities there.

Leading on Welfare and Community campaigns

  • Lead on welfare and awareness campaigns such as ‘You Are More Than’.
  • Support and facilitate campaigns and celebrations of events with cultural significance, such as Black History Month.
  • Increase student engagement with these events and projects.

Find out what it’s like to run as a candidate in our elections here: How to be a Candidate: Top Tips

Sound like the perfect role for you?
Nominate yourself here: susu.org/elections.
Nominations close on Wednesday 13 February at 13:00.

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