Who should receive an Academic Award this year?

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This year our annual Academic Awards will be held on Thursday 09 May 2019 at the Students’ Union. These awards are a chance to celebrate anyone who has gone above and beyond in the academic side of student life this year.

Who do you think deserves one of our awards this year?

Maybe it’s a lecturer who gave an inspiring talk or went the extra mile to support your faculty? Perhaps your course has improved this year as a result of the fantastic work by one of your Academic Reps?

This year’s award categories are:

Best SUSU Academic Representative
This award recognises a SUSU Academic Representative (or team of representatives) who has gone above and beyond in their student representation efforts.

Best Pastoral Support
This award is for any staff member (or team) who has excelled in providing pastoral support to the student body. They have shown an exceptional commitment to supporting students on a personal level and have gone out of their way to advise and support students going through hardships.  

Best Academic Support
This award is for any academic staff member who has provided exceptional academic support. This can be through innovative teaching methods, high-quality feedback on work or through support during timetabled learning sessions.  This is also open to members of our community who make support teaching activity, including Postgraduate teaching assistants and demonstrators. 

Most Engaging Lecturer
This award recognises the range of high-quality teaching that we have taking place at Southampton. A nominee for this award demonstrates the highest level of enthusiasm and passion for the subject they are teaching, offering intellectually challenging experiences for their students. They can keep you interested while teaching a difficult or complex topic, enthusing their students to have the same passion about the subject area that they have.   

Best Response to Feedback
This award is new for 2019, and aims to highlight places where student feedback has not only been listened to, but has also been acted upon. Individuals or teams nominated for this award should see students as equal partners in work to improve the student experience at Southampton, and have a track record of providing prompt, transparent and open feedback to ideas or issues raised.  

Whoever your nominee may be, make sure you recognise their hard work and dedication by putting their name forward for an Academic Award.
Place your nomination here: Academic Awards Nominations 2019.

Nominations close on Monday 25 March.

Take a look at the fantastic awards ceremony from last year…

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