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Meet our candidates for the Sabbatical Officer role of VP Welfare and Community on the Redbrick TODAY from 12:00 – 13:15. This is chance to ask them any questions you have on their key points and why you should vote for them.

The responsibilities of VP Welfare and Community include leading on student welfare leading on equality and diversity within the Union, and leading on Welfare and Community campaigns. They will oversee our International, LGBT+, Womens, BAME, Disabilities and Wellbeing Officers. You can read the full job description here: Vice President Welfare and Community.

Voting is NOW OPEN in our Spring Elections! You have until Friday 08 March at 16:00 to have your say: Vote Now.

VP Welfare and Community is a new role for 2019/20, combining two areas of previous Sabb roles, so take a look at all the candidates and their key points below…

Laura Elizabeth Barr

Key Points:

  • Improve accessibility, experience and follow up of support services on all campuses
  • Create clear procedure for reporting rape and sexual assault
  • Campaigns on suicide prevention, with a focus on target groups e.g men/medics
  • Focus on the competitive pressure within sports and mental health e.g eating disorders
  • Instead of BE the voice, GIVE the voice to students. #RAISETHEBARR

Read more on why Laura thinks you should vote for them here: Laura Elizabeth Barr

George Hart

Key Points:

  • I have boundless enthusiasm for this role!
  • I would strive to improve the Union’s housing advice.
  • I want to promote/improve the greenspace available on campus.
  • I want to increase support services at ALL our campuses.
  • I’d lobby the university to DRAMATICALLY improve their support services.

Read more on why George thinks you should vote for them here: George Hart

Daphne Li

Key Points:

  • Increase Sexual Consent Awareness and Support for Victims
  • Increase Access to STIs Information and Contraception on Campus
  • Better Promotion of Mental Wellbeing/ Community Events
  • Transition Support Workshops: The Road from College to University
  • Managing your Finance Workshops

Read more on why Daphne thinks you should vote for them here: Daphne Li

Fleur MacInnes

Key Points:

  • Demystifying Access to Student Mental Health Resources – Working to Destigmatise
  • Combat Sexual Assault through Education and Safeguarding Systems on Campus
  • Improved Visibility of Diverse Commemoration Periods, like Trans Awareness Week
  • Promote Sustainability through Student Led Initiatives and Eco-friendly Partnerships
  • Dedicated Mental Health Support System for Postgraduates

Read more on why Fleur thinks you should vote for them here: Fleur MacInnes

Voting is open NOW until Friday 08 March at 16:00.

Remember to vote for your favourite candidates at number 1. Have your say here: VOTE NOW.

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