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Earlier this week, we asked you “Should the Students’ Union support the national campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit?”

A turnout of 10% of students was required for the vote to be valid. We are pleased to announce that 3,755 of you voted, in less than 72 hours, an overall turnout of 17.9%.

The final results were:

23% of voters were Postgraduate Taught or Postgraduate Research students, which is fantastic to see – that’s actually more postgraduates voting now than in the recent Spring Elections.

With over 80% of voters in favour, the Union is now committed to supporting the People’s Vote campaign.

Tomorrow, Saturday 23 March, is the ‘Put it to the People March’ in London, with the aim that any Brexit is put to the people so that we can have the final say. Demonstrators will be congregating at 12pm in Park Lane, and then marching to Parliament Square to have their voices heard. Three of your sabbatical officers will be attending, and will be keeping you up to date on social media.

Next week, we will reach out to the MPs who represent most of our students (Romsey and Southampton North, Southampton Test, Southampton Itchen and Winchester) to lobby them on your behalf to support a people’s vote.

We will also contact the national student-led campaign ‘For our Futures Sake’ (FFS) to work with them going forwards.

Finally, we will continue to facilitate debate and discussion for our members, including giving a platform to campaigns both for and against a second referendum on Brexit

If you have any questions or suggestions for events you would like to see relating to this, please email Evie Reilly, VP Democracy & Creative Industries, at vpdci@susu.org or submit them via our You Make Change platform.

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