FemSoc raise money for Yellow Door with Catwalk4Consent

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For the second year running, Feminist Society successfully put on a ‘Catwalk4Consent’ a fashion show and accompanying exhibition to raise awareness of sexual consent.

*Trigger Warning: text and photos contain mentions of sexual assault, rape, domestic abuse, child sexual abuse*

The #Catwalk4Consent aims to not only raise awareness but also “deconstruct victim blaming culture” whilst fundraising for local charity, Yellow Door.

FemSoc asked for submissions about people’s experiences with sexual assault. The catwalk then featured models wearing the outfits described in people’s accounts.

The event description explains, “too often we talk about the circumstances of assault instead of focusing on help and resources for victims. By presenting physical evidence of the range of clothing worn by those who have experienced assault, we hope to dispel the idea that clothing = consent”.

Speaking about the success of the event, Feminist Society President, Fleur says “I think more than anything we’re just overwhelmed by the amount of support we’ve received for the catwalk this year, both in the amount of people we had volunteer and the response from the audience after the show.”

“It’s incredible to know that so many people on campus genuinely do care about the issues that we’re raising and that they want to help change the culture we live in that currently allows it to persist.”

Yellow Door is a local charity that directs their resources and time to survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. Donations are still open until the 29th of April. Donate now by clicking here. 

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