Academic Integrity and Exams: Why It Matters

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Hello there! Sam Dedman here, SUSU VP Education for 2017-19. I’m here today to talk about something which has become of increasing importance within both the Union and University – academic integrity. Following a significant increase in unintentional breaches of academic integrity during the Semester 1 exam period reported to the SUSU Advice Centre we decided it was time to take some action.  

Make sure it’s your degree, your content. Take a look at our top tips for academic integrity below:

Academic integrity is quite a broad concept – in fact, the University has a document called Academic Integrity Guidance for Students to try and encompass as much of it as possible. Awareness of academic integrity means that you take responsibility for your own workfully acknowledge the work of others wherever it has contributed to your own and avoid(ing) actions which seek to give you an unfair advantage over others among a few other topics covered in the link above. 

Our Advice Centre has found that 90% of academic integrity breaches are avoidable and unintentional and can have a significant impact on student wellbeing for those who find themselves caught up on this. There is a need for greater awareness and understanding of academic integrity at Southampton, and it on this basis that SUSU and the Library have run awareness events in the past for some years now. I recently also took up a seat on the University’s Academic Integrity Officers Network Steering Group alongside a number of our Advisers, and we’ll be using this to help improve awareness and policy around academic integrity across the institution. 

This topic was also discussed in further detail at the SUSU Education Zone, who decided that due to its significance that they would take a set stance on it. Between two of their recent meetings they approved the document found below: 

I will continue to engage with the Academic Integrity Officers Network for the remainder of my term, ensuring that the student voice is heard in their conversations and decisions. There are also plenty of resources available to help you proactively avoid any issues of academic integrity – you can find some of these below. 

That’s all for now – please do get in touch if you have any questions!

Sam Dedman
(SUSU VP Education, vpeducation@susu.org)


The SUSU Advice Centre has recently produced guidance specifically relating to the upcoming exam season, take a look below:


The SUSU Advice Centre can also produce free and confidential advice to all members of the student community at the University of Southampton. More details on their service can be found at www.susu.org/advice.  


Additional support on several academic topics (including academic integrity) can be found at the services below: 

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