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Earlier this year, we launched a new community spotlight series, led by your Community and Volunteering Officer, Charlotte Colombo. These spotlights cover some of the brilliant volunteering opportunities you can get involved with, in and around Southampton, alongside your studies.

Today’s spotlight is on local charity, Yellow Door.

What is Yellow Door?

Established in 1985, Yellow Door is a registered charity providing supportive and preventative services in response to domestic and sexual abuse. We offer a range of specialist therapeutic, advocacy and community outreach initiatives to support children, young people, women, men and families across Southampton and western Hampshire.

How do volunteers contribute to Yellow Door?

Our volunteers are integral to the work we do; from handling helpline calls to raising awareness of abuse-related issues throughout the community, they play a key role across all of our services. 

Do I need any specific qualifications to volunteer with Yellow Door?

We encourage applications from all backgrounds and levels of experience and will work hard to fit you into an area that suits your interests, skills and aspirations.

Will I need any kind of training?

Yellow Door offers a unique and distinguished training opportunity for our volunteers, which will provide you with all the knowledge and skills needed to get you started in working with us and the issues around domestic and sexual abuse.  

What kind of volunteering opportunities are there?

There is a vast range of volunteering services including:

  • Therapeutic services including helpline calls, support assessments and as counsellors (if trained).
  • Gardening to improve the Yellow Door building’s green space.
  • Fundraising and events.
  • Maintenance and decorating for the Yellow Door building.
  • The STAR project – helping to educate young people on issues like consent and cyberbullying.
  • Front of House/Admin.
  • Social Media – helping Yellow Door to improve their presence online and to help answer any online queries.
  • Becoming a Trustee on Yellow Door’s Management committee.

What do the volunteers themselves have to say?

Reflecting on their experience, one volunteer said: “There are a host of reasons why I chose to become a volunteer for Yellow Door. First and foremost, for me, it’s about investing my time to benefit others, but also myself; it’s a win-win situation!”

Where can I find out more information?

To find out more, please visit: bit.ly/2wG1rdG

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