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Hello there!

I am your new VP Education & Democracy for the coming academic year 2019-20. However, this is about not about me. As part of representing your academic interest, we have your Faculty Officers and Joint Honours Officer who are here to make your time at university a blast.

Now without further ado….

My name is Bailey Williams, your Joint Honours Officer for the 2019/20 academic year. I’m a third year Modern History & Politics student originally from Portsmouth. Previously in my time at the University, I’ve contributed to both student-run magazines and been representing the student body as an Ambassador on Open Days, school visits, and similar events. Outside of uni life, I love football and support Middlesbrough FC.

As Joint Honours Officer, my own experiences were crucial to informing my priorities for the coming year. I have seen first-hand the complications facing joint honours students, which can make us feel like an afterthought on some occasions. The problem of graduating with your choice of department will be a key focus in the next few months. More progress needs to be made regarding timetabling issues, the confusion created by differences in referencing systems and other matters of protocol, as well as fostering a stronger sense of unity between joint honours students of all disciplines. I will be tackling these problems through the Joint Honours Working Group, and by personally reaching out to senior University figures. For a chat about anything joint honours-related, please drop me a line at jhsusu@soton.ac.uk.

Hello, my name is Michael! I’m a final year nursing student and lover of reptiles (I have a 5ft long snake called Salazar – and yes, that is a Harry Potter reference…). I am the Faculty officer for Environmental and Life Sciences (FELS), which is a very diverse faculty spanning five schools: Health Sciences, Geography and Environmental Sciences, Ocean and Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Psychology.

As the faculty officer I have two main aims; firstly, to make sure the student representation system run as smoothly as possible by both students and academics, ensuring that you are empowered to get the most out of your course. Secondly, to build relationships between the different parts of FELS – we are a large faculty of about 5.5k students. We all have so much we could learn from each other and it would be great to make the most of that! If you have any concerns, please email me at felssusu@soton.ac.uk.

1) Parth

2) Sciences Faculty Officer

3) BSc Population and Geography, second year

4) I love Eurovision so much that when I applied for Mastermind this year, Eurovision was my specialist subject.

5) Some of the things I’m looking forward to doing is representing student issues at staff-student liaison committees or faculty board education committees. As Faculty Officer, I will have access to more meetings to represent specific academic issues which I think is really important. This allows me to follow the process of change or implementation to make the faculty more transparent, accessible etc.

Mainly, I am interested in talking to students themselves in my faculty and making sure that they are happy with the academic structure! I think it is important to facilitate good connections, e.g. forums, so that I can represent students who may have concerns or issues.

6) Potential projects to work on for the upcoming year:
 Better and more frequent forums for students
 Facilitate greater staff-student communication
 Coordinate Department and School Presidents for better faculty engagement for students and staff.

Please feel free to contact me on my email: fsssusu@soton.ac.uk

My name is Alicja, or Ala for short, and I am the Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer for the academic year 19/20. I am currently in my 3rd year studying Electronic Engineering.

Last year I was the Welfare officer for ECSS (Electronics and Computer Science Society) and also a course representative; these roles involved me dealing with academic and pastoral issues on a daily basis. Taking on these roles encouraged me to become a faculty officer as I hope to continue to improve student experience at a larger scale. My past 2 years at university have been incredible and I want to make sure all future and current students get to enjoy their university experience as much as I have! I really want to find out more about how the faculty and SUSU are run, and what goes on behind the scenes.

I am also very excited to work with fellow department and school presidents to make sure all issues are resolved and together we can enrich our time at university. If you ever have any concerns, ideas or issues feel free to contact me at: fepssusu@soton.ac.uk and I will be happy to get it sorted.

Name: Raymond Effah
Position: Medicine Faculty Officer/Medsoc VP
Year: BM5 Medicine Year 3

Fact: I was born in Germany, have Ghanain parents and moved here when I was 10
What I’m particularly interested in in being Faculty Officer is really taking a closer look at our admission process and ensuring we continue to improve them to make sure we show the best sides of medicine at Southampton before new students get here. While at the same time getting the very best students.
Projects I’m looking forward to bringing in are at Medsoc AGM, an opportunity for you to be able to talk to either members of the faculty or the medsoc regarding decisions that are made to the course.

I also want to clean up what is currently a loose relay of post exam feedback. Looking to create things such as an examiner feedback sheet to address the core weaknesses of the year group on certain questions.

You can email me at: medpres@soton.ac.uk

Hi, I’m Joel, and I am the Faculty Officer for Arts & Humanities at SUSU. In September I will be starting my final year studying BA History at Southampton, with a specialty in racism in the USA. I was motivated to run for this role as I want to help students navigate the labyrinth of services and departments at UoS (by acting as a central point of communication and information), and because I want to see that students have more influence in the running of SUSU and our university.

My heavy involvement with SUSU began last year: during the 2017 university strikes, I was appalled by SUSU’s lack of solidarity with the staff at our university, and ever since I have felt an obligation to fight for solidarity within our community. As an Academic Rep, Senator and Education Zone member, I quickly learnt how frustratingly complicated and ineffective policy-making was in our union, and so this year – alongside my Faculty Officer role – I will continue to champion reforming the You Make Change and representation structures so that a greater share of power lies with us students, rather than with the university’s or SUSU’s corporate management.

You can contact me at: fah-susu@soton.ac.uk

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