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Student Climate Strike – Friday 20 September

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A student climate strike will be taking place on Friday 20 September between 12:00 and 12:30 at Jubilee Plaza.

Speakers will be discussing what SUSU alongside the University are doing to alleviate the effects of climate change, and how students can get involved in making this change.

This comes at a time of continued worldwide climate action protests in response to a United Nations’ (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report published in October 2018 warning of the dangers of global temperature increases.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event.Read the rest

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What are your concerns about Brexit?

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Our VP Welfare and Communities, Laura Barr, has been meeting with various people in the University to gain a better understanding of what the University’s plan is for a no-deal Brexit.

Laura intends to lobby the University to put provisions in place to mitigate potential damage for EU and International students, British students who want to study abroad, and prospective students, should a no-deal Brexit take place.

SUSU now has a central role on the No-Deal Brexit Taskforce with the University. This means that there will now be a SUSU presence to protect the interests of our students and … Read the rest

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World Suicide Prevention Day

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Content Warning: talk of suicide, suicidal ideation, death, mental illness

Despite the breaking down of stigma around mental illness, suicide is still seen as a taboo topic. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, a day dedicated to preventing suicide through action, conversation and support.

A lesser-talked about issue within this conversation is suicidal ideation. Many people experience suicidal thoughts without actively planning for it, or even necessarily wanting to.

Something I’d learned in therapy this year was that intrusive thoughts, and thoughts about death and suicide, are actually a lot more common than we think. Many people experience intrusive thoughts … Read the rest

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SUSU Against Prorogue

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On Saturday, your Sabbatical Officers attended the Southampton protest against the prorogation of parliament, supported by mandate of a previous all student vote.

Whats that, you say? Boris did WHAT? -Bailey the dog, 2019.

In March 2019, SUSU held an all student vote asking if students wanted to support the national campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit. Of a total turnout of 17.9% (which is the highest turnout we have had from an all student vote), 82.9% of students overwhelmingly voted for SUSU to support this mandate.

SUSU attended Saturday’s protest to represent the Students’ Union and all students. … Read the rest

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