What are your concerns about Brexit?

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Our VP Welfare and Communities, Laura Barr, has been meeting with various people in the University to gain a better understanding of what the University’s plan is for a no-deal Brexit.

Laura intends to lobby the University to put provisions in place to mitigate potential damage for EU and International students, British students who want to study abroad, and prospective students, should a no-deal Brexit take place.

SUSU now has a central role on the No-Deal Brexit Taskforce with the University. This means that there will now be a SUSU presence to protect the interests of our students and lobby for them. We value the diverse range of students we have here, and we are here to represent your voice.

We would like you to give us an insight into your concerns about Brexit, so we can ensure we are working towards the right goals.

Share your thoughts and concerns here: SUSU Brexit Survey

This is not a political stand against, for, or about Brexit. This is purely the Students’ Union using our platform to relay concerns from students to the University and local MP’s, and take action to help mitigate potential damage that Brexit will have on students’ academic careers.   

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