SUSU Expect Respect Policy Now Approved

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Our #ExpectRespect Policy is now approved and available to view on our Equality and Diversity page here: SUSU Equality and Diversity.

This policy was approved by the Trustee Board, elected Senators at Senate, and has been reviewed by the Liberation Officers.

This policy outlines what YOU can and should expect from your Students’ Union, and what we can expect from you. This is to ensure our behaviour and conduct is appropriate, inclusive and tolerant of everybody. This began development at the beginning of August 2019 and will now be a terms of reference policy under SUSU.

This is a very good starting point in terms of accountability and promises! The aim of this is to not be performative but have the infrastructure in place to ensure accountability for SUSU and for students, and establish in writing respect being behind every single thing we do as a Students’ Union, from our clubs and societies, events and support systems, to how our members behave.

Here are some things we have already done under #ExpectRespect:

– Entered a partnership with the University with our Report and Support Tool for students to report incidents and misconduct
– Built from scratch an entire training module for clubs and societies to take to stay affiliated and access to grant funding
– Trained some of our bar staff in how to deal with situations and what to be aware of
– Delivering our first ever Disability Awareness Campaign at the end of January 2020

Hopefully this is a good step towards a more accountable and inclusive environment where we continue to challenge prejudice, ignorance and encourage education, ownership and celebration of everyone we have here at SUSU.

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