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Nominations are now open in our Spring Elections until Wednesday 12 February, and one of the roles you can run for is Union President.

Do you have ideas on how to lead the Union or how to improve how sustainable we are and ensure SUSU reaches all students at all sites? Then this may be the role for you! All it takes is one great idea and lots of passion for the role – remember, change starts with you.

A great example of what can be achieved in this role is the creation and launch of our vegan cafe and sustainable shop, The Plant Pot. Our 2019-20 Union President successfully led this project from idea to reality!

Don’t worry if you don’t have much experience of a role like this, all our Sabbs receive training on lots of topics before you start, such as project and time management. There’s also a big team of core SUSU staff to support you.

The main responsibilities of President are:

Leading the Union

  • Act as the figurehead of the Union, being the public spokesperson and managing relations locally.
  • To provide leadership to the Sabbatical Team.
  • To be the key liaison with the University and the Vice Chancellor on overarching and general matters.

Ensuring a Union presence at sites

  • Ensure that the Union has a strong presence at all University campuses, and develop and support activities there.
  • Lead the halls representation structure, ensuring students have a voice in their halls and lobbying the University accordingly.
  • Work on long-term strategy with the University surrounding sites and halls to benefit students and improve their representation there.

Creating a more sustainable environment

  • Encouraging student input and participation in sustainability matters, and lobbying the University accordingly.
  • Work to ensure both the short and long term sustainability of the Union and University.
  • Responsible for all feedback on Union Services via ‘You Make Change’, and ensuring that there is appropriate student input into the Union’s commercial offering.

You can find a full list of information about the role of President here.

How to nominate yourself:

To nominate yourself head to susu.org/elections.
Nominations close on Wednesday 12 February at 13:00.

If this role isn’t for you but you know someone who would be perfect for it, you can suggest a friend here: susu.org/suggest-a-friend

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