Who Should Receive A Society and Volunteering Award?

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Nominations are now open for our first ever Society and Volunteering Awards! This is your chance to celebrate hard work and amazing events from societies, volunteers and fundraisers.

The award categories are:

  • Best Society Event
  • Best Society Campaign
  • Best Society Collaboration
  • Fundraiser of the Year
  • Community Impact Award
  • Society Committee Member of the Year
  • Society Member of the Year
  • Society of the Year
  • Outstanding Contribution (Lifetime Membership)

Nominate a society or person here: Society and Volunteering Awards Nominations

Nominations close Friday 20 March at 09:00.

In your nomination please make sure to include as much information as possible, as the judging panel will make their decision based on the nomination only, not any prior knowledge of a person, society or event. You can provide evidence in text, photo and video format.

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