£10,000 Funding Secured for Humanities Textbooks

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Jo Lisney (VP Education and Democracy) and Hartley Library have successfully secured £10,000 for additional Humanities textbooks.

Humanities students can request any books/textbooks they need via the library, and can then borrow them as many times as they need to.

Jo says: “We’ve received a lot of feedback through SSLCs and student surveys about there not being enough copies of Humanities textbooks for students to access – whether that’s due to cost or availability.
SUSU and UoS have heard this and have worked together to secure £10,000 so students can use this fund to offset the cost of their core books. Alongside this, we have worked with the library to ensure that we now have unlimited book loans and inter-library loans too! You can now take them out as many times as you need.”

The library in partnership with Jo have also been able to secure funding to ensure that students now have access to an extra 35,000 electronic books and resources! 

How can I request a textbook?

It’s easy! Visit WebCat, click the little book icon on the page and it will go straight to the page you can order books from.

SUSU has also secured the use of the manual occupancy board around exam time to help students find space within the library and ease the flow of people traffic.

How else can SUSU help support your academic needs? Tell us via your Course Rep, or via You Make Change.

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