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There’s lots of information around at the moment with different details about the support you can currently access, so we’ve put it all in one place in a summary below. These services are available for every student!

Financial Support

The Student Hardship Fund has been expanded and is available to any student. They have now streamlined the process so that it offers short term, six-week assessments to cover essential day to day living costs, so it is now easier to apply and faster to get money. You can use this to access money for accommodation costs, necessary technical equipment, food and necessities and anything else you may need.

The Advice Centre is still open for those experiencing financial hardship and need advice or guidance about what to do. You can contact them remotely.

Mental Health/Wellbeing Support

Student Life and First Support are still active and available, they are still there and still helping students with whatever emotional and mental health need that they have. Student Life have already identified those who are living in halls and those who are self isolating, and are helping them get necessities.

Student Life’s line is still 24/7 and you can contact them here:

You can also still contact Enabling Services to get advice about anything you may need.

SUSU have a page dedicated to support systems, which you can see here. If something happens regarding another student or University staff member, you are still encouraged to report this to us if you need our advice through any necessary processes. You can find the Report and Support tool here.


If you are in need of emergency accommodation, the University will be able to help you cover the costs of essential travel and the accommodation costs. For example, if you are in an abusive household, or there is a reason you can’t/don’t have somewhere to stay anymore, the University will help you through the hardship fund and through residences, who can be reached at accommodation@soton.ac.uk

SUSU Lettings agency is still open and working remotely, and can still offer advice and guidance. You can contact them directly at lettings@susu.org


Answers to frequently asked questions about Halls, SUSU, your studies and clubs and societies can be found here: SUSU FAQs

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