Academic Awards 2020: The Winners!

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Congratulations to everyone who’s been recognised in the Academic Awards 2020! Despite us not being able to celebrate in person our winners will still receive certificiates and SUSU mugs – our Academic Awards team will be in touch with our winners about this. If you missed the live ceremony, you can catch up here…

Best Consultation

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Samuel Pegg, Year 1 English Course Representative
Samuel has been praised for his ability to approach students and gather feedback. ‘Students and staff find him incredibly approachable which helps with ensuring the student voice is heard’. He has also been praised for his keenness to provide solutions, ‘as this made problems quicker to solve’.
Alexandra Hewett, Modern Languages & ACIS Department President
Alex has been described as ‘an incredible addition to the Academic Rep team for Humanities’. She has been praised for her sense of responsibility and professionalism. When she wanted to increase the NSS statistics in her Department, she worked closely with her Director of Programmes, and consulted both students and other Departments.

Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
Janet Mensah, Year 1 Adult Nursing Course Representative

Janet has been praised for her skills in representing students’ views in an objective way in University meetings and events. She also ensured that the feedback loop is closed by informing students ‘both in person and online’.

Faculty of Medicine
Raymond Effah, Medicine Faculty Officer
Raymond has been described as a ‘really engaged’ student officer for the Students’ Union’. He has worked hard to support Medics on placement and has worked alongside University members of staff, MedSoc, and VP Education and Democracy to make sure students’ academic interests are well represented.

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Emily Wayland, Year 3 ECS Course Representative

Emily’s presence in the ECS Department has been described as both ‘positive’ and ‘strong’. She has utilised a variety of feedback methods and is always willing to help students. ‘She strives to resolve any problems within the Department and make sure students are always well informed’.
Ethan Lundholm, Year 3 ECS Course Representative
Ethan has been praised for his ‘unyielding desire for change’. During the strikes Ethan had been ‘incredible at communicating between the Department and students’. He always provides regular updates to students and has achieved to get clarifications for students when it was needed.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Mariam Aly, Year 3 Business Management Course Representative
Mariam has gone above and beyond this year as a Course Rep. She achieved to gather student feedback through a variety of channels and innovative methods. ‘Her commitment to her role, students, staff and the Business School is commendable, and she deserves to be recognised’.
Yanchuan Chen, International Finance Markets Course Representative
Yanchuan has received several nominations praising his willingness to help students and to gather students’ views. He always consults students before University meetings, updates his course mates after the meetings, and is always willing to provide support to his course mates.

Best Pastoral Support

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Winner: Dr Patricia Romero De Mills, Senior Teaching Fellow in Modern Languages and Linguistics
Paty has been instrumental in the welfare of students on their year abroad.  She has been described as ‘approachable’, ‘kind’ and really listens to her students. One nominator wrote: ‘Not only is Patricia an engaging and approachable Spanish lecturer, she also puts in so many extra hours to help her students when they’re struggling and I believe that she really wants us to do well and succeed, which is why she is so willing to help.’
Highly Commended: Dr Scott Soo, Associate Professor of French History

Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
Winner: Dr Sandra Wilks, Lecturer in Medical Microbiology
Sandra is always around to provide extra support. She is friendly, supportive and always willing to go out of her own way to provide advice and support. She often sends unprompted emails offering advice and support to check up on students.  One nominator wrote: ‘Whenever I’ll walk past her on the way to labs she’ll check if I’m okay and have a chat with me, even though I’m not one of her students. She actually cares about you as a person, not just a student.’
Highly Commended: Dr Anne McBride, Senior Lecturer in Human-Animal Interactions and Animal Behaviour

Faculty of Medicine
Winner: Professor Sally Curtis, Professorial Fellow
Sally has been praised for her work in setting up the Medics EDI group which provides a sense of community and helps students deal with any issues that arise.  She has also launched an innovative project on reverse mentorship, allowing students to mentor senior clinicians about their backgrounds and difficulties they face.
Highly Commended: Dr Caroline Childs, Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Winner: Professor Andrea Russell, Professor of Physical Electrochemistry
Andrea has helped her students at the Chemistry Department not only academically but also on a personal level. She has gone out of her way to provide extra support by talking to students after class for prolonged times about academic but also personal matters.
Highly Commended: Dr Paul Duckmanton, Inorganic Chemistry Teaching Fellow

Faculty of Social Sciences
Winner: Adrian Halnan, Principal Teaching Fellow in Southampton Education School
Adrian has received several nominations for his exceptional support and ‘friendly face’. One nominator wrote: ‘His caring nature, willingness to listen and support in all situations is just so phenomenal. Thank you Adrian for everything throughout my undergraduate years in the School of Education.’
Highly Commended: Dr David Gammack, Principal Teaching Fellow, Deputy Head of School (Education) Mathematical Sciences

Best Impact

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Aimee Lewis, Film Department President
Aimee has always been attentive to her Department and Reps. She has gathered a lot of feedback and has successfully worked alongside the Humanities President to make change for Film. One nominator said: Her dedication to Film is amazing and she should be recognised for all her efforts.
Jessica England, Humanities School President
Jessica essentially took over the role of Faculty Officer. Whilst dealing with difficult situations, she has remained positive and empowered Reps to make change for their Departments. One nominator wrote: ‘She is very professional in her approach to her voluntary role and she will have left big shoes for her successor to fill’.

Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
Katrin Alexdottir, Psychology (Masters) Course Representative
Katrin has gone above and beyond to represent her course. She has been praised for her eagerness to consult students and for her hard work in trying to resolve issues. According to one nomination, ‘it was thanks to Katrin that students got more information about their modules, they were supported during the strike and got help when struggling with dissertations’.

Faculty of Medicine
Anne Modwen Ehle, Year 2 BM (EU) Medicine Course Representative
Anne is very dedicated, emotionally engaged and always there for peer students. She spends a lot of her free time in focus groups and appointments with lecturers to ensure that students’ concerns are addressed at the right stage. Finally, she has managed to establish great communication to the faculty.
Leah Crabtree, Year 2 BM4 Medicine Course Representative
Leah has consistently attended meetings to represent the views of her entire cohort. She successfully liaised with her Faculty to make positive changes to learning and teaching and organised events and teaching sessions for her peers.

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Adrian Azzarelli, Year 2 ECS Course Representative
Adrian has been described as an ‘outstanding’ Course Rep. According to one nomination, his efforts in making changes in one of the course’s modules is notable, and it will likely impact future students as well.
Alex Lockwood, Year 3 ECS Course Representative
Alex has great concern for everyone he represents and strives to make sure that everyone has the same opportunity on his course. This is best exampled by his rapid response to issues caused by the industrial action, where he not only raised issues, but also managed to find and suggest a solution that would work.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Edit Barbantan, ESPS School President
Edit has been School President for the last 3 years and ‘has done an excellent job representing all the students in her School’. This year Edit has been trying hard to move graduation for Postgraduate Taught students across the School from Summer 2021 to Winter 2020. According to one nomination, Edit has identified an issue, has carried out appropriate consultations and whilst the project is still in the works, its effects will have huge positive impact on the PGT student experience.
Shannon Stack, Business School President
Shannon has received several nominations praising her willingness to communicate with students and ensuring that all views are shared. She has become a visible presence, and her contributions to the School have been described as ‘outstanding’.

Best Academic Support

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Winner: Professor Mark Stoyle, Professor of Early Modern History
Mark is brilliant at getting the whole class involved in discussions.  One nominator wrote:  ‘He genuinely wants his students to do well and makes sure we’re equipped with the tools to do that. He’s also just a genuinely lovely, helpful and interesting person, who makes time for everyone.’
Highly Commended: Dr David Cox, Lecturer in Modern American History

Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
Winner: Dr Claire Hart, Associate Professor in Psychology
Claire ‘really wants us to love the subject and the content as much as she does, and we do!’.  She has received nominations praising her ‘evident passion’ and support.
Highly Commended: Dr Chris McLean, Lecturer in Health Sciences

Faculty of Medicine
Winner: Dr Ian Jenkins, Teaching Fellow in Anatomy
Ian has gone above and beyond to help with everything in Anatomy, he has been praised for his consistent dedication and approachable manner. One nominator wrote:  ‘He seems to genuinely care about his subject and our knowledge of it, both in lectures and teaching sessions, and out of them.’
Highly Commended: Dr Penelope Nestel, Principal Teaching Fellow

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Winner: Emma Mackenzie, Principal Teaching Fellow in Audiology
Emma has been praised for her invaluable help and support.  She is always there for her students and is ready to listen and support in any way that she can.
Highly Commended: Sam Rowley, PhD High Energy Physics

Faculty of Social Sciences
Winner: Professor Carsten Gundlach, Professor of Mathematical Physics
Carsten received several nominations for his energy and passion and making Maths fun and enjoyable. He always makes time for his students outside of classes, and always encourages his students to ask questions.  One nominator wrote: ‘He praises those who ask when they are confused or lost, which is an attitude that I feel makes it much easier to take part in lectures’.
Highly Commended: Dr Ana Margheritis, Reader in International Relations

Best Contribution to the Faculty

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Karriad Shawcross, Philosophy Department President
Karriad  has received several nominations for her work this year. She has worked closely with the other Department Presidents in Humanities and she has increased the social activity to include other Humanities students. She has done an amazing job chairing SSLCs and one nominator wrote: ‘She has been a credit to Philosophy and has really bridged the gap between students and lecturers.’
Ulfat Islam, English Department President
Ulfat has tirelessly worked to ensure there’s a student voice, setting up events for all English students and she has had an incredible impact on the learning community both within the English Department and the wider School. As one nominator wrote: ‘She feels like a true representation of the student voice’.

Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
Laura Smith, Psychology School President
Laura has received several nominations praising her work this year. She has made an incredible effort to make the School of Psychology a real community with organising numerous socials. She has also ensured feedback from students is heard. As one nominator wrote: ‘Laura has changed the School of Psychology and made it her own. She is always engaging and contributing to everything and anything with a positive mindset’.
Richard Curtis, Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences PGR Representative
Richard works really hard to create a sense of community by creating the PGR hub, a dedicated room for the PGR students with regular coffee and cake gatherings. He regularly asks and collects feedback, follows up any problems and keeps people informed of progress. He is cheerful and helpful and gives a lot of effort and time to others.

Faculty of Medicine
Jodie Ackland, Medicine PGR Representative
Jodie played a key role in the setup and organisation of Student Innovation & Networking Series, which provided a wonderful opportunity for PGRs to present their past or current research alongside their hobbies outside of academia. As this was a session run by PGRs for PGRs it was a safe environment for PGRs to practise presenting their work.

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Hannah Watson, Chemistry School President

Hannah has been praised for her professionalism but also her ‘caring and thoughtful’ personality. She has maintained very strong interactions with the first-year cohort, answering all possible questions. In more difficult times, she has fought for the correct standards within the School regarding disabilities, accessibility and maintaining laboratories.
Salma Anabtawi, Audiology Masters Course Representative
Salma always stands out for communicating between students and staff, organising events and being kind to everyone. She has provided the class with continued support and information regarding changes to lectures, assessments, timetables and has provided written documents and past papers to support other students’ learning.
Nick Hillier, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences PGR Representative
Nick has done an outstanding job for all of the PGRs in his Faculty and beyond, by representing them at Doctoral College Board and various other meetings. It is because of him, there has been an introduction of meetings when PGRs come back from suspension for fitness to practice. Finally, he is not afraid to stand up for what PGRs need from the University.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Ria Dunn, Maths School President
Ria is taking every opportunity given to her in order to significantly improve the quality of life for vulnerable students within the University. She has also been holding wellbeing events for Maths students this year which has made a significant impact on students. ‘She is a huge asset to the University and works hard to help other students make the most of their university experience’.
Jessica Paternoster, Education School President
Jessica has gone above and beyond as School President. She has made it clear she is always around for support and goes further than required. One nominator wrote: ‘She is an amazing advocate for the students she represents and has created a sense of ‘family’ in our course by helping to organise School socials and consistently communicating with all years’.

Most Engaging Lecturer

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Winner: Dr Andrew Stephenson, Lecturer in Philosophy
Andrew has been described as having ‘this magical ability to make everyone in the lecture room care about everything he says’.  One nominator wrote: ‘Andrew makes his students feel like they can do whatever they put their mind to, and he provides readings and resources to all students to help them reach their goal.’
Highly Commended: Dr Christopher Prior, Lecturer in 20th Century History

Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
Winner: Dr Brian Hracs, Associate Professor in Human Geography
Brian has been selected as the winner for this award for engaging and memorable lectures. One nominator wrote: ‘His passion shines through and he has been the most engaging lecturer in all my 3 years at the University and is truly deserving of the award.’
Highly Commended: Dr Joanna Nield, Associate Professor in Aeolian Geomorphology

Faculty of Medicine
Winner: John Perry, Principal Teaching Fellow in Healthcare Communication
John has been described as ‘an absolute favourite among students across the entire course.’ He runs engaging and instructive lectures as well as offering unjudgmental and individualised support for those that need it.
Highly Commended: Dr Stuart Morton, Senior Teaching Fellow in Anatomy

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Winner: Dr John Mills, Deputy Director – Engineering, Physics and Geophysics Foundation Year
John has received several nominations for his ‘extreme level of enthusiasm’ for his subject, his infectious energy brings the best out of his students and helps turn a difficult module into something fun and interesting. One nominator wrote: ‘No other lecturer can match the compassion and energy of this man.’
Highly Commended: Professor Alexander Belyaev, Professor in Physics and Astronomy

Faculty of Social Sciences
Winner: Dr Rob Angell, Associate Professor in Marketing Research
Rob has been described as a ‘brilliant and engaging lecturer’.  He has received several nominations outlining how he consistently goes above and beyond for his students. One nominator wrote: ‘I have never been in a classroom where a lecturer has sparked so many valuable class-discussions in an often quiet cohort, which gave fresh and new perspectives regarding the topics in hand.’
Highly Commended: Dr Monique Chu, Lecturer in Chinese Politics, Department/Erasmus Exchange Coordinator

Academic Rep of the Year

Parth Pandya, Social Sciences Faculty Officer
Parth has been an excellent Faculty Officer this academic year.  He has made time to meet and know all School Presidents within the Faculty of Social Sciences and has held group meetings to let Presidents meet each other and share ideas. He also organised Faculty Forums to collect student feedback and ensure the student voice is heard. Finally, he is always keen and available to help and support staff and students within his Faculty. His commitment to the role and continuous hard work make him worthy of this award.

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