Southampton RAG Announce Core Charities for 2020-21

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RAG have announced their core charities for 2020-21 are A21, Teenage Cancer Trust and Robbie’s Rehab. The charities were selected via a student vote on the shortlisted charities.

Every year RAG has three core charities which receive fundraising from their core events, such as Jailbreak and Big Give week.

A21 (RAG’s International Charity 2020-21) – A21’s mission is to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. They operate in 17 different countries across the globe. “Freedom. That’s our goal for every human being on the planet.” Find out more on their website: A21.

Teenage Cancer Trust (RAG’s National Charity 2020-21) – Teenage Cancer Trust works with young people aged 13 to 24 around the UK suffering from all types of cancer. Their specialist wards offer a safe, fun, and relaxing environment where the patients can interact with each other as any normal teenager would. They also offer guidance and emotional support to patients’ friends and families. Teenage Cancer Trust aims to educate every young person in the UK about cancer, cancer prevention, healthy living, and empowering them to take control of their own health. Their goal is to reach every young person suffering from cancer and to make sure that they get the care they deserve. Find out more on their website: Teenage Cancer Trust.

Robbie’s Rehab (RAG’s Local Charity 2020-21) – Robbie’s Rehab is based at Southampton Children’s Hospital and helps to rehabilitate children with brain tumours during and after treatment. Their current aim is to be able to fund a specialist ward at Southampton Children’s Hospital for children with all kinds of brain injuries. Find out more on their website: Robbie’s Rehab.

Want to get involved with student fundraising? You could climb Kilimanjaro, skydive, race across the country and more all in the name of charity! Find out more and get in touch with our RAG team via the links below:

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