Who will you vote for in our Academic Elections?

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We have eight candidates in our Academic Elections running for the role of VP Education and Democracy, and today we’re sharing why they think you should vote for them! We have shared every candidate’s key campaign points below, and their full manifestos can be read here: Elections Candidates.

Alexander Beyene

  • Unity in diversity
  • Friendship
  • Student engagement
  • Sustainablity
  • University life Experience

Avila Chidume

  • The university must take accountability for its actions.
  • Student’s mental health must be a priority alongside education.
  • Personal academic tutors require adequate training to support students.
  • Students must be encouraged to pursue interests.
  • Provide students with the choice on information they receive.

Amina Lechkhab

  • Prioritise and widen support for students’ mental health and wellbeing.
  • Fight hostility, reveal and protect voices and rights of students.
  • Push for better educational training and participation for PGRs.
  • Negotiate about students’ fees, deadlines, resources, training regarding Covid-19.
  • Push for decolonization of teaching and university social activities

Ijeoma Opoko

  • Introduce and facilitate voluntary virtual peer led studies and tutorials
  • Facilitate the adjustment to increased digitization following the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Increase awareness of and access to learning resources and student opportunities
  • Publish and circulate periodical reports on the progress and engagements of the office
  • Improve student representation through an open and accessible administration

Kendall Field-Pellow

  • “Education” is more than course reps
  • “Democracy” is more than AGMs and Elections
  • SUSU is meant to be a Union
  • Students want change
  • Student politics should be good, not bad.

Grace Lampkin

  • Improve representation of all students
  • Teaching during the pandemic that is flexible
  • A university experience during the pandemic that’s value for money
  • Learning and assessment that takes all student views into account
  • Promote ‘You Make Change’ and implement more students’ ideas

Katie Ludvigsen

  • Ensure standard of education delivered is uncompromised by COVID-19
  • Prioritise student mental health and wellbeing
  • Support students in preparation for leaving academic life
  • Increase student engagement and awareness
  • Assure every student that their voice will count

Dipam Sengupta

  • Student friendly academic programme
  • Constant touch with the students at the base level
  • Maintain and uphold the standard of the University
  • Working and putting in tremendous efforts
  • Last but not the least keeping all motivated

Voting opens Monday 20 July at 09:00, and closes Wednesday 22 July at 16:00.

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