What roles can I run for this Autumn Elections?

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Use your student voice this year – become an Academic Rep or Student Officer! Represent your course mates and fellow students, and make sure their ideas and concerns are being heard.

Nominations open Monday 28 September at 09:00, and we’ll share more details about how to nominate yourself soon.

There are plenty of roles you can choose to run for in the Elections this term. As well as running as a Course Rep you can run for any of the roles below – and there are sooo many to choose from! Take a look and see which you want to run for.

Chair of Senate
Senators – 16 roles available

Halls Presidents

Joint Honours Officer

Union Films Manager
Winchester School of Art (WSA)
WSA Officer
WSA Social Rep
WSA Welfare Rep
WSA Creative Careers Rep
Art School President
University Hospital Southampton (UHS)
UHS Officer
BM School President
Medicine Postgraduate Research Officer
Intramural Officer
Sports Participation Officer

Enterprise Officer
Volunteering and Fundraising Officer
Student Welfare
Wellbeing Officer
BAME Officer
Postgraduate Research
Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Research Officer
Environment and Life Sciences Postgraduate Research Officer
Medicine Postgraduate Research Officer
Social Science Postgraduate Research Officer
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer
Chemistry School President
Electronics and Computer Science School President
Engineering School President     
Zepler Institute School President
Physics and Astronomy School President
Aeronautics and Astronautics Department President
Civil, Maritime and Environmental Engineering Department President
ISVR Department President
Mechanical Engineering Department President

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Art School President
Humanities School President
Archaeology Department President
English Department President   
Film Department President
History Department President
Modern Languages & ACIS Department President
Music Department President
Philosophy Department President
Faculty of Social Sciences
Business School President
Economic, Social and Political Science School President
Education School President
Law School President
Mathematical Sciences School President
Economics Department President
Gerontology Department President
Politics and International Relations Department President
Social Statistics and Demography Department President
Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology Department President  
Faculty of Environment and Life Science
Psychology School President
Health Sciences School President
Ocean & Earth Sciences School President             
Biological Sciences School President
Geography and Environmental Science School President
Allied Health Professions Department President
Nursing Department President
NOCS Officer

Find out more about Representation at SUSU: susu.org/representation

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