What to Pack for University (and what you can probably leave behind)

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When you move to uni, it may feel like your room is full to the brim with stuff.

You are 1 part person, 3 parts IKEA purchases, shower caddies and pots and pans. There are boxes crammed with things you might need, could need, will inevitably share with your housemates and more tea towels than you know what to do with.

It is however inevitable that out of your entire flat, you won’t be able to find a single clean tea towel in a week. 

So, when you have hundreds of videos from popular studytubers and endless blog posts about what you need to take to uni, what do you really need to take – and what can you probably leave behind?

  • You probably don’t need 8 pans

It’s easy to buy a collection of pans in case you need to make several sauces, a stir fry and three fry ups at once. But you probably don’t need more than a few. As long as you have a couple of saucepans and frying pans, and maybe that ever essential wok you can find on every packing list, you should be fine!

  • A cutlery organiser is vital

Losing cutlery is inevitable in halls. It wanders and you find it in weird and wonderful places. So, get a cutlery organiser for your draw so you can at least see how much of each thing you have, and so you can keep track of what is yours! There are few things as frustrating as the clatter of cutlery as you yank open an unorganised draw. 

  • A rug can be amazing for making your room feel homely

It can be a great idea to get a small rug (that won’t obstruct your door) to put in your room and make it feel a little bit more like home. It works equally well for the odd occasion where you may spill something. At least then it’s on the rug and not on the carpet attached to your deposit. 

  • Chances are, you don’t need a printer

How many printers arrive at halls every year and how many ever actually get switched on? A question for the ages. You may not need to bring a printer, because they are available in halls computer rooms and in the library. Unless you are not able to leave your flat often, it probably isn’t necessary to waste money on a printer, ink and paper. 

Preparing for uni can be so stressful, and you may feel like you have to get every shoe rack, washing basket and so much more, but you really don’t. It’s not only extra hassle, but it is so expensive. If once you’ve moved in, you realise there is something you need, there are shops in Southampton, and you can go and stock up! Chat to your housemates and see what they are bringing and are happy to share, that way you can split the burden a little. 

Try not to stress too much about moving, accommodation and packing lists. If moving proves to be more than just a bit of hassle and you feel you need some extra support about housing, our Advice Centre is here to help. You can speak to the Advice Centre by emailing: advice@susu.org.

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