Top Tips For Living in Halls From Students, To Students

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Living in halls is a whole new world of people, experiences and opportunities, and it is such a great way to broaden your horizons, have fun and really immerse yourself in university life. It can be a total change from your life at home, and can be pretty daunting, so we want to give you some advice from the people who have been exactly where you are, about to move into halls, unsure of what to expect. 

We asked students past and present what advice they would give someone moving into halls and here are just a few of the pearls of wisdom they had to share. 

Enjoy every day you are living in halls and make use of all of the facilities.

Often, students may only be in halls for first year, and this year flies by notoriously fast. Christmas will come round out of nowhere and before you know it, you will be looking summer in the eye. So make the most of this time, see and do what you can, use all of the facilities available to you and really soak up this experience. 

Get a mattress topper

Mattresses in halls are fine, but if you want to be especially comfy, ensure a good night sleep and be rested enough to make it to a 9am lecture, some students really suggest getting a mattress topper to help you relax and be as comfortable as possible. 

Spend lots of time in the kitchen getting to know your new flatmates, play board games, have movie nights or even cook together

These are going to be the people you live with for the next year, so make time to get to know them, who they are and what they are interested in. They may be your new best mates, or they may not, but either way, take some time to socialise and have fun together! Use the communal spaces available to you and maybe play a game or have a fajita night. 

Don’t bring too much, pack as light as you can

A common issue with moving into halls is having too much stuff and not enough room. Make sure you bring everything you will need, but if you find yourself bringing things you aren’t sure you will have a use for, leave it at home. Chances are you wont need it, and if you do, you can get it when you go home! Storage is limited so make the most of the space you have. 

Don’t suffer in silence, if you are unhappy reach out to someone

Moving into halls is amazing fun, don’t get us wrong, you have tonnes of new people and opportunities, but it is also really difficult at times. With homesickness, loneliness and isolation common issues for freshers, make sure to talk to someone if you are struggling. You don’t have to be alone, so if there is anything SUSU can do to help you settle in, get in touch with us.

If you’re moving into halls this year: good luck! You are entering such an exciting new world and we hope you have an incredible experience.

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