Welcome 2020: Six Things To Do After You Move In

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So you’ve unpacked the boxes, stacked your pots and pans and waved goodbye to the car pulling up the road. Your new flat is now really yours; but what do you do now that you’ve actually moved into your new home?

We are here with a few ideas of what you can do to make your transition into student life as smooth as possible and to share some hints and tips about moving out and living in Southampton.

  • Have a cuppa with your new housemates

    You may have met online before move-in, but these people are now living with you, so take some time to get to know them. This may sound obvious, but really listen and learn about what makes them tick- it will make living with new people easier in the long run.

  • Take an hour to decorate and make your room feel as cozy as possible

    Feeling at home in a new place can be tricky. So decorate and make your space feel as homely as possible. Be that with photos, a cuddly toy, cushions or fairy lights: this is your space, so make it feel like it.

  • Check out the SUSU Welcome page to see what your Union can offer you

    The Union is offering loads to help you settle into university life despite Covid-19, so see what events, places and societies are doing on the Welcome hub. You can see all of the Union’s offerings at: susu.org/welcome.

  • Take a look at the societies you are interested in

Why not take a look at the SUSU website to see all of the societies, clubs and activities available via the Union. There are hundreds of societies and in turn thousands of people with different interests and objectives. Join a sports team, give performing a go, or dabble in charity work: there is so much on offer.

  • Try out your culinary skills

    If you have a kitchen at your disposal, give a new recipe a try. See what you enjoy cooking, what food makes you feel good and what is healthy for you. Don’t just resort to takeaways, you can fend off any freshers related illness (for a while at least) with lots and lots of fruit and veg. So pick a recipe and give cooking a go!
  • Explore your new surroundings

There is so much to see and do in Southampton. Make sure to go for a walk on the common, maybe take a hot beverage and chat to a new friend. Why not have a look at the docks or the beautiful Riverside Park? Southampton is a beautiful and green city, get some exercise and some peace amongst the beauty of your new home.

There are so many simple things like these, which you can do to feel settled and comfortable in your new environment. This place can be your home away from home, and you will find your path here in no time!

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed when you move into your new home, but there are so many people here to support you. It is so normal to feel lost or confused, so if you need some extra support, you can speak to the Advice Centre by emailing: advice@susu.org.  

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