Starting Uni – Top Tips From Current Students to Incoming Students

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Pre-uni nerves have kicked in, and you have made your trip to Ikea/Wilko/other student appropriate shop where you can get what you need to take with you. Sure, physically you are pretty prepared, you’ve got it all sorted. But, what will actually happen once you’re there, what should you expect? You might just be nervous. Everyone is, and that is totally normal! 

But we want to help put your mind at ease, new students, or even returners who aren’t sure about the upcoming academic year. We asked students past and present what advice they would give to someone starting uni, what they wished they had known, so you don’t have to wish.

  • Join societies and try everything!

So many students we spoke to said this. One of the biggest things people wish they had done is joining societies sooner, and some people are often put off by going to Welcome meetings or socials, but it is so worth it! This is one of the only times in your life when you can try anything and everything with zero commitment and endless opportunities to get to know new people. If you’ve wanted to do something for years and never knew how, clubs and societies are your chance!

  • Bring your bike!

There are loads of cycle lanes around Southampton and there is safe bike storage all over campus and halls complexes, so why not take the chance to reduce your carbon footprint and whizz around your new home? Make sure to bring a bike lock, helmet and high visibility wear so you are as safe and secure as you can be.

  • Remember: everyone is in the same boat! Be honest about who you are and you will meet some incredible people.

When a fresh start like uni comes along, it is often the case that people get really nervous and feel like they have to fit in to meet new people. But, everyone is in the same boat, so who is there to fit in with? You may feel lonely, or out of your depth, but so does everyone else. This is brand new, so be yourself, be honest, put yourself out there and give yourself the best chance possible to meet new people. If you are genuine, the right people will come along.

  • Enjoy your time at uni and appreciate the little things, they’ll fly by!

One of the biggest things people comment on when they graduate is that the last however many years has flown by. Living in halls will be brief, your uni time will go by in a flash. So, take the time to look around and enjoy the things you’re doing. One day you’ll be missing late night library sessions, seminars and post lecture pints in The Stags. Enjoy it while you can!

  • Don’t rush to have it all figured out!

Just because the time you are at uni is short, doesn’t mean you have to have it all worked out right away. The person you are on the day you move in, to who you are on your graduation day will be very different, so don’t rush to know who you are and what your ‘thing’ is. Try new things and give yourself some time to explore and learn!

Whatever happens at uni, make sure to take as many opportunities as you can, explore, learn and let yourself grow! There is so much available to you, and SUSU is here to make that possible. If you feel like you need some extra advice or support, please get in touch.

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