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Did you find yourself glued to the cricket this summer with little else happening in the sporting world? Want to see more women in cricket? Or maybe you’re just interested in going to great socials and meeting new people! We chatted to the Ladies Cricket Club about what they do, so you can have all the information you could need to get in touch and find out more. 

What is your society, what do you do and who is involved?

We are Southampton University Ladies Cricket Club, a group for those interested in playing cricket, developing new skills and most importantly having fun – 

whatever your ability! 

When did your society form?

We have been active for over 20 years!

How many members do you have?

Currently we have 28 members. Across the last year our membership doubled so we’ve invested in a second indoor team- the Southampton University Dynamos! We’re looking to keep growing and building momentum but we’re also one of the smaller sports clubs so are all very close knit!

What makes you different to other societies?

Firstly, we are open to ALL abilities from beginners to county players. We don’t hold trials to join and our training accommodates all skill levels so EVERYONE is welcome! Also with low membership costs and optional attendance to training and matches we’re a super relaxed and accessible club! Most importantly, we have incredible socials. Our social themes have crowned us as Wessex’s best fancy-dressers and every fortnight we also host non-drinking socials so there’s something for everyone!

How would you describe a social/workshop/meeting with your society?

Our weekly training focuses on keeping things fun, learning the ropes or perfecting your craft, depending on how experienced you are! We have two lovely ECB coaches and highly experienced members to help everyone! Our weekly socials are all about the fancy dress, getting to know your teammates and having fun on the Oceana Cheese floor (before COVID hit). Our non-drinking socials are much more low-key and range from things like the Sunday Quiz & Curry in the Bridge, bowling, Game Nights and brunches at Trago Lounge in Portswood, we really do accommodate for everyone!

Who should join?

If you’re looking to meet new people, stay active, and make unforgettable memories then SULCC is the club for you! 

How can new students find you?

Instagram: @sulccy 

Twitter: @SULCC2 

Facebook Group: Southampton University Ladies Cricket Club (SULCC)

So, check out SULCC to join an inclusive, exciting and ever expanding society this Welcome!

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