Introducing: Erasmus Student Network, Southampton

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As part of the Erasmus scheme, Southampton welcomes students from all over the world into its community, and many of our students get the opportunity to travel, learn and grow as part of the scheme. To help people feel at home, meet new people or just to have fun, there is the Erasmus Student Network. We had a chat with their incoming committee about who they are and what they do!

What is your society, what do you do and who is involved?

We are Erasmus Student Network. Our society brings together international students with existing Southampton students in a cultural exchange.

When did your society form?

The first section of ESN in the UK was established in 1991/93 in Hull, and our section in Soton was formed in 2008 by Erasmus students returning to the UK.

How would you describe a social or meeting with your society?

Socials this semester will involve online pub quizzes and virtual meetings but hopefully also some evenings spent at a pub or bar and even day trips to the beach and local sights.

Who should join ESN?

Anyone can join, especially those interested in discovering new cultures, practicing a language and meeting new people.

How can students find you?

They can find us through our email, which is esn@soton.ac.uk and through our Facebook (ESN Southampton) and Instagram (esn_southampton).

ESN are unsure how many members they will have this academic year due to the pandemic, and anticipate it may be lower than usual, so why not take this opportunity to get to know them and find out more about what they do?

To join ESN, please visit https://www.susu.org/opportunities/societies.

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