Nominations now open in our Autumn Elections 2020!

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Now more than ever, you can make a change.

Nominations are now open in our Autumn Elections 2020, and there are so many roles you can run for! This is your chance to use your student voice to represent your course mates, friends and community, and make positive changes happen at Southampton.

See full list of roles you can run for here: Autumn Elections 2020

Some of the roles you can run for are…

Course Reps: Every course has a Course Rep to listen to the concerns and ideas of your course mates. They are the eyes and ears of the student voice at Southampton!

Faculty Officers, and School and Department Presidents: These roles lead representation within your area of study and can make big changes happen for a whole Faculty, School or Department.

Student Leaders: Roles like Wellbeing Officer, BAME Officer, Sports Participation Officer, campus Officers and more help us ensure all areas of student life are being focused on, and that all communities are represented.

Postgraduate Research Officers: Represent the needs of Postgraduate students in your Faculty.

Union Senate: Want to hold SUSU to account and help make high-level decisions? Join Union Senate as one of our 16 Senators or Chair of Senate.

Know which role you want to run for? Nominate yourself here: Autumn Elections 2020.

Nominations close Monday 19 October at 16:00

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