Welcome 2020: Who Are Your Sabbatical Officers and What Do They Do? (Part One!)

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We are SUSU, your Student’s Union made up of students, opportunities, places and volunteers; a team. At the helm of our team we have our sabbatical officers. Now, that’s all well and good, but what actually are sabbatical officers, who are they and what do they do?

A Students’ Union is a unique workplace as it is led by a team of five full-time Sabbatical Officers, who are elected annually by students to lead and direct the organisation and to represent students. We want you to get to know who your Sabbatical Officers are, so you can see the work they are doing to head up SUSU.

So without further ado, here is our 2020 Sabbatical Team (…part one!):

Olivia Reed – Union President

Having studied a degree in Politics and being an avid canoe polo player, Olivia has been heavily involved in SUSU, having also been VP Sports last year. From sports and societies, it is easy to see that Olivia is passionate about what the Union has to offer and is keen to keep making the Union the best it can be. 

Her role is leading the Sabb team and is eager to continue the fantastic sustainability work done by our 2019-20 president, Emily Harrison. With the pandemic still being a very present issue, Olivia is keen to spread Union resources and opportunities across a variety of sites and to try and bring the student community together. 

Contact Olivia: president@susu.org.

Avila Chidume – VP Education and Democracy

Avila recently completed her law degree, while running the incredible diverse greetings card business Avila.Diana and setting up new global greetings card outlet, Kutenda. On top of all of that, Avila made the brave decision to try and enhance the student experience with SUSU.

Having formed excellent relationships with the University and SUSU as a business woman and a student, Avila wants to bring together the two organisations and do more to support and represent students. By drawing together the activities and representation the Union can offer and the academic capabilities of the University, Avila will be working towards enhancing lecture accessibility and learning resources while engaging the whole student body.

Contact Avila: vpeducation@susu.org

Check out our next post to find out more about your other Sabbatical Officers and what they do to enhance your university experience. 

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