Welcome 2020: Who Are Your Sabbatical Officers and What Do They Do? (Part Two!)

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We are SUSU, your Student’s Union made up of students, opportunities, places and volunteers; a team. At the helm of our team we have our sabbatical officers. Now, that’s all well and good, but what actually are sabbatical officers, who are they and what do they do?

In this instalment, we will be explaining the roles and aims of our final three Sabbatical Officers.

Corin Holloway – VP Activities

Corin loves societies. A member of 39 societies (many of which have a focus on social justice and environmental issues) and on many committees, activities are not only Corin’s role but a huge part of their life. Combining personal growth and experience with a passion for doing good and having an impact, Corin wants to bring these ideas to their new role.

Volunteering in any capacity deserves to be rewarded and Corin wants to do more to promote this and to encourage engagement. Making societies more accessible and easy to join and making it easier for societies to run are a huge part of what Corin wants to achieve this year. Creating a better society to Union dialogue and more clarity about funding are vital, and we can’t wait to see what Corin achieves in this role. 

Contact Corin: vpactivities@susu.org

Nicole Akuezumba – VP Welfare and Community

Geography and International Relations graduate Nicole was Vice President of the Women Of Colour Society at UoS before she took on this role. Having seen a disconnect within the student community and SUSU, Nicole wants to bridge the gap between student’s and the Union in her role. 

Making sure Black History Month is creating the right kind of resources and events to engage with students without the assumption of what they want is one of Nicole’s first priorities. She also wants to improve upon the excellent work done by our previous VP Welfare and Community Laura Barr with regards to engagement, training and resources for people from a variety of walks of life. Promoting accessibility, great mental health resources  and engagement is at the heart of this role, particularly during the pandemic, and we are sure Nicole will achieve amazing things. 

Contact Nicole: vpwelfare@susu.org

Sam Tweedle – VP Sports

Coming from his Maths degree with a background in watersports at the University, Sam is keen to encourage people to give sports a go, and to make the running of them much smoother. Having been president of the Canoe Club last year, he has been involved in the Athletic Union committee, and he is eager to make life easier for sports committees and to provide better resources and support. 

In his role, Sam wants to make sports clubs more affordable for people and to develop the excellent free sport programme at SUSU. Sam wants to make sure everyone feels as though they are a part of the AU, and that they get as much out of their time at uni as possible. Despite Covid-19, Sam is keen to make sure people still know how to get involved with sport at university. 

Contact Sam: vpsports@susu.org.

We hope you get to know all of our sabbatical team and get to see the wonderful work that they, and the student officers team are doing with SUSU. To get involved, please check out the roles available in our upcoming Autumn Elections: susu.org/elections.

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