Introducing: Showstoppers Musical Theatre Society, Southampton

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The University of Southampton is home to a variety of popular performing arts societies, from theatre and comedy, to orchestras and opera. One of these societies is the much-loved Showstoppers. Home to singers, actors, dancers and even just regular audience members, we wanted to find out more about Showstoppers!

What is your society, what do you do and who is involved?

Showstoppers is a society dedicated to putting amazing pieces of Musical Theatre. Every part of the production is done by students, the performers, the production and the band. On our Committee we have a President and Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer two Social Secs, 2 Development Officers who oversee the organisation of our workshops and cabarets, a Web and Promo Officer, and finally two Welfare Officers. On our production teams we have Directors, Musical Directors, Choreographers and Producers, and each will usually have an assistant.

When did your society form?

Showstoppers was founded in 1994.

How many members do you have?

For the academic year of 2019/20 we has 72 members.

How would you describe a social or meeting with your society?

Our socials are always a wonderful time, we host both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones so that anyone can get involved. As you can imagine for a performance society we are quite an extroverted group, so we love making a fuss of partying, and our dedicated Social Secs always make sure each social smashes expectations. But if that’s not for you, we also run some great workshops, that range on topics from how to ace auditions to pitching your own show.

What makes you different to other societies?

We are a society that puts 100% into everything we do, everyone involved does their best to make what we do as a society, whether that’s a piece of musical theatre or our regular cabarets, the absolute best it can be.

Who should join?

Anyone can join! We understand that our society can be a little intimidating, not everyone enjoys going up on stage, but there are plenty of people who gave showstoppers a chance, and are now some of our greatest members. But if you are really not interested in performance we have some great opportunities as directors, musical directors, choreographers, and producers if you join a production team.

Where can we find you?

Instagram: @showstopperssoton
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/showstopperssoton
Website: http://showstoppers-soton.co.uk/

If Showstoppers sounds like the place for you to dance, sing and meet friends for life, get in touch with them or join via the SUSU website!

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