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Coming to uni and leaving home can be an incredible time, having independence and being able to find your feet in a new environment. But, it can also be a really stressful time and you may be really missing your family, home and friends. During Lockdown, a lot of us spent all of our time at home, with family, and although it may have gotten tedious, it then does mean leaving may be a bit more challenging, even for returning students. We wanted to put together a few bits of advice on coping with homesickness for all students. 

Create a place, or find a place that feels comforting away from home

Find comfort in decorating your room to make it warm, homely and familiar. Making your space yours is an excellent step to feeling at home. Have photos displayed of your loved ones and happy memories. Equally, try to find a space on campus or in the city, a cafe, pub or park perhaps, that feels comfortable to you. It’ll be lovely when you can take friends and family to enjoy that place with you. 

Open up to a housemate or friend

Make sure to open up about what is going on in your head, talk to friends and family, let your housemates know you are struggling and be honest. Let it all out, it might help you to take a step towards feeling better. 

Organise a FaceTime date with friends or family

Take an hour or so out of your week to call or FaceTime a friend or family member to get your fix of home contact. It will give you something to look forward to and is a good way to open up and chat to someone about your new world and their world.

Enjoy a comforting film or TV series

Whether it’s Friends, Gilmore Girls, the Star Wars films or a favorite Disney movie, find a show or film that is really comforting to you, and if things are tough, take a few hours to chill, get cozy and immerse yourself in that world. 

Find something that sparks joy to enjoy at uni

Being busy is an excellent way to keep your mind occupied, and if you find a society or club that you love and can fill up some of your spare time with, you are less likely to be sat worrying about home. Find something that makes you happy and keep at it, be that performing, playing, creating or running!

Make sure you are taking care of yourself, eating balanced meals, seeing friends and having some time on your own. Homesickness is natural, but if you feel your mental health is being greatly affected by homesickness please do contact The Advice Centre or Enabling Services.

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