Five Tips for Coping with Stress at Uni

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This week is International Stress Awareness Week, and our Sabbs have each shared their top tip for coping with stress at uni. In the current circumstances and with another lockdown for England starting on 5 November, it’s normal to be feeling stressed. Make sure to check in with your mental health and reach out for support if you need it – remember, you’re not alone.

Our Sabbs top tips are…

Take a Step Back

Take a step back from your work when you feel it’s becoming too much for you. Take some deep breaths, or go for a walk – just do something else for a little while before going back to work.
– Nicole

Make Time for Yourself

Schedule time to yourself during busy periods, dedicate an hour to relax and do something fun each day.
– Avila

Join a Club or Society

Meet people by joining clubs and societies. There are also plenty of volunteering opportunities to talk to lonely people who are shielding, which can also give you a chance to interact with new people.
– Corin

Take a Break and Breathe

Try to break down your work into smaller, manageable chunks so you aren’t working without breaks! You could even try some breathing exercises (like deep breathing for 20 minutes).
– Olivia

Spend Time with Friends

Spend time with your mates. Even a movie night on your sofa will always help reduce your stress levels and feel better.
– Sam

Further Help and Support

We know uni life can be a stressful, not only with your course but also balancing your studies with a social life, work, and any other responsibilities you have, or problems you may be facing. If you do find yourself struggling with stress, particularly in the current circumstances, there are lots of teams and services who can help including the ones listed below. Make sure you speak to someone if you need support:

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