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Every week we will be sharing our most frequently asked questions from students. This week your questions were…

What are SUSU’s opening hours during lockdown?

Is The Shop On Top open during lockdown?
No, The Shop On Top is closed but some items are available in The Shop, so please speak to a member of staff is there’s something you’re looking for.

How can I help fellow students with their studies during this time?
A great way for students to support each other is by sharing feedback, concerns and ideas with your Course Reps and Student Officers. Course Reps then work with our full team of Academic Reps, and Student Officers with their relevant Sabbs to make positive changes happen for students at Southampton.
If you want to become part of our Academic Rep and Student Officer team you can run for a role in our By-Elections. Nominations open on Monday 09 November, find out more here: By-Elections 2020.

How can clubs and societies use the Money Hub?
You can find a full guide on how to use and access the Money Hub here: Money Hub.

Got a question for us? Drop us a message and we’ll do our best to get you the answer. You can contact us via…

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