Southampton Says Enough: Campaign Updates

In General

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Our 2022-23 VP Welfare and Community, Aycha, has shared some updates to this year’s Southampton Says Enough campaign. These updates include successful progress and achievements, including safer bus stops in Southampton, a lit routes scheme, and updates from the University about their support and resources for students.

Aim One

Safer Bus Stops
Safer Bus Stops is something the Violence Reduction Unit is exploring under the Safe Places Network program. Street lighting and CCTV was implemented in hotspot crime areas and where there were reports of members of the public and staff feeling unsafe. Part of the bid included: 

  • Riverside Park: installation of CCTV in the park to improve feelings of safety for Women and Girls and detect serious crime in a community area of concern.  
  • UHS: upgrade of street lighting in Coxford Road to cover main staff entrances and transport hubs for two hospitals, improving public safety at night. 
  • Empress Road: installation of 4 CCTV cameras, reducing risks of Violence Against Women and Girls against sex workers, improved safety for a primary school, and prevention and detection of crime in a hotspot area. 

Lit Routes Scheme
We have made important strides towards improving safety precautions for students in densely populated areas, particularly in the town centre and residence halls. Collaborating closely with the violence reduction unit, we have successfully identified safer and lit routes for students to travel home. By mapping late night venues, CCTV coverage, safe spaces, and lighting infrastructure, we have assessed potential routes and compared them with the council’s plans for streetlight reduction.

The Council have agreed to keep lights on in most student areas during the time when lights are turned off as a result of our persistent advocacy efforts, and we are happy to announce that the lit routes programme was put into place in April 2023. We personally walked through the area, with the crime prevention team and students, making the necessary corrections and edits, to finalise the suggested streets and routes and ensure they encapsulated student dominant areas. 

Aim Two

Safe Spaces in Nightclubs
The Violence Reduction Unit are happy to announce that the Safe Spaces initiative has been expanded into Southampton’s Night Time Economy (NTE), where venues like Orange Rooms, Switch, and Trilogy have already signed up as members. We encourage you to check out the map on the Southampton Member Scheme website at safeplaces.org.uk to find even more safe spots. The Violence Reduction Unit are committed to getting feedback from venues and our students to make sure they are giving them the support they need and that the help these spaces provide meets our standards. 

Aim Six

Welfare Resources for Nightclubs
The Violence Reduction Unit have started a resource kit pilot programme. These kits give venues the skills and direction they need to effectively support those in need. They act as a comprehensive “go-to” resource for all staff members. A handbook on how to react to sexual assault or violence against women and girls (VAWG), a support booklet guide, and useful resources like phone chargers, sanitary items, and foil blankets are all included in the resource packs.

Resources and Support from the University
Students have access to the Report and Support tool, the Student Safety site, and the Raising Concerns and Safeguarding site. Students can also access The Student Hub 24/7 for any query including if they have experienced sexual assault, harassment or violence.

SUSU has encouraged the University for further promotion of these services. This will include presentations at induction lectures, stalls in the Freshers Fair and Welcome events and joining outreach in Halls activities. The following statement was made by the University’s Vice Chancellor:

“The University of Southampton has an unwavering commitment to standing against sexual violence and harassment, and is proud to have worked in partnership with the University of Southampton Students’ Union (SUSU) over a number of years on important initiatives and campaigns. Our students’ safety is of the utmost importance to us – when they are here at the University and when they engage in the city’s night-time economy. As a result, we are now proud to support the work of SUSU and the Southampton Says Enough Campaign. Collaboration is vital as we all strive to end sexual violence and harassment in our city, so it is encouraging and important that this campaign brings together SUSU, the University, Solent Students’ Union, Southampton City Council and a range of other partners. 

“The University is firmly committed to providing a safe environment for our students, and we operate a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual violence and harassment of any kind. We encourage students to report any issues through our Report and Support channel, either confidentially or with a named report. We ensure that any students who report harassment to us are fully supported.”