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Academic Integrity and Exams: Why It Matters

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Hello there! Sam Dedman here, SUSU VP Education for 2017-19. I’m here today to talk about something which has become of increasing importance within both the Union and University – academic integrity. Following a significant increase in unintentional breaches of academic integrity during the Semester 1 exam period reported to the SUSU Advice Centre we decided it was time to take some action.  

Make sure it’s your degree, your content. Take a look at our top tips for academic integrity below:

Academic integrity is quite a broad concept – in fact, the University has a document called Academic Integrity Guidance Read the rest

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Study Tips and Revision

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With exams and deadlines approaching, we have devised some of our top tips to help you revise, prepare and relax. We’ll be posting each one on social media, so you’re never far away from the support you need on the go .



1.       Stick revision notes all around the room/house to help you retain the information by associating it with a particular place. When trying to recall it on the day of the exam, you’ll be able to mentally ‘walk’ through your notes.

2.       Travel to the Past – Do plenty of past papers and questions (if such

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