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Vice-Chancellor Address – Representing your academic interests

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The Vice Chancellor in a staff address has recently outlined the University ten year plan and some substantial changes to the structure of the University. It was announced that the University was intending to drop from eight to five faculties, push more professional services out into the faculties, and lower their staff costs by £20M through targeted voluntary redundancies in the first instance.

Five of our elected Officers were present at the University Senate when the plan was first announced, where they asked how this would affect the student experience.

Our Academic Reps will lead a consultation with all of … Read the rest

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EU Referendum: BritaIN or BrEXIT?

In General

Not sure whether to vote BritaIN or BrEXIT? Here are some of the facts to help you make an informed decision…

Reasons to remain according to Britain Stronger in Europe:

  • 3 million UK jobs are linked to our trade with the EU
  • The UK gets £66 million of investment every day from EU countries
  • For every £1 we put into the EU, we get almost £10 back through increased trade, investment, jobs, growth and low prices
  • Worker’s rights are protected by the EU, such as paid maternity leave and guaranteed holiday leave
  • EU laws protect women’s rights, including equal
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