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Welcome to the Brand Launch

In General

As promised in our last rebrand update, the Facebook event announcing the launch of the new brand is up and the big reveal is just around the corner!

We want to make sure that as many of you are involved in seeing the new brand as possible, so we have arranged to have launches at both Southampton and Winchester – make sure you get down to one of them for what promises to be a great and no doubt, emosh day!

★ Monday 16 May
★ Tuesday 17 May

See the Brand … Read the rest

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Rebrand: Are you ready for it?

In General

Since December we have been working on a review and now a rebrand of SUSU.

It’s been quite a journey! We’ve completed surveys and workshops involving both staff members and yourselves and we’ve made visits to Holdens’ branding agency in Manchester to discuss some interesting concepts discussed along the way.

Since our last update, Holdens’ have been working on getting together a set of branding guidelines to help us implement the new brand. This includes how to use the brand in order to reinforce who we are based on everything we learned during our consultation process, which saw 10% … Read the rest

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The new brand is coming…

In General

It’s official: we’ve moved from a brand review to a full-on rebrand. It probably feels like we started this journey a lifetime ago, but we’re finally on the home stretch to revealing the new look of your Students’ Union, and trust us – it’s much better than the ‘brand’ we unveiled for April Fools’!

Since our last update, our team and Holdens’ branding agency have been working hard to develop the initial brand route that was voted on at Union Council.

And now for the exciting bit. We’ll be getting a look at the next stage of … Read the rest

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April Fools’ Spoiler: Unveiling the new brand…just kidding!

In General

If you fell foul of our April Fools’ prank earlier today, let us reassure you that as great as the faux-brand is, the actual brand will be much more comprehensive!

Interestingly, according to Peter Holden who works for Holden’s Agency, Southampton is well-known for its sea kale exports. Therefore the faux-brand has been inspired by the city’s maritime heritage.

Look out for more information about the next stage of the REAL brand coming soon!SeaKaleBrand_FBPost

 … Read the rest

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Brand Review Update

In General

The last couple of weeks have been a great step forward in rebranding the Union.

We would like to thank you all for filling out the survey and coming to our various rebrand workshops last month. 2,500 (10%) of you got involved to tell us what you thought and a further 150 of you came to the Ted’s Talk events hosted by Holdens’ in January.

As you may know from our last update, some of the Students’ Union team including our in-house designers, spent two days in Manchester visiting Holdens’ HQ at the end of last month to come up … Read the rest

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Brand Review Survey: Is SUSU looking a bit so-so?

In General

As you may have heard, we are in the middle of our brand review, which means that we are reviewing the way the SUSU brand looks and feels.

We want you to be central to this process, so we are asking as many of you as possible to complete our short survey to let us know what you think about the SUSU brand.

The more of you who complete it, the more likely it is that we can make the Students’ Union relevant to you, no matter who you are and what you study!

Fill it out here and tell … Read the rest

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Brand Review: Have your say on the SUSU brand

In General

We hope you enjoyed our recent Branding Day: Ted’s Talk, where you had the opportunity to have your say about the SUSU brand as part of our Brand Review consultation and get an insight into the agency we have appointed to carry our review.

The brand review is a thorough process, so you will have plenty more chances to get your voice heard.

If you weren’t able to make the Ted’s Talk, you can still tell us what you think by completing our survey here.… Read the rest

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Housing: Good things come to those who wait!

In General

It’s that time of year again: the housing frenzy has descended upon us. You haven’t found somewhere to live next year, you have no idea who you’ll be moving in with and various letting agents and landlords may have convinced you that you need to get a move on.

But we’re here to tell you – Don’t Rush to Rent!

Sadly, we know of far too many students who, under pressure to commit, have ended up in some unpleasant situations that could easily have been avoided. Damp, mould and pests rank highly in the list of housing issues experienced … Read the rest

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