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Team Southampton wins Varsity 2017

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Congratulations to all of our athletes for winning Varsity this weekend!

Varsity is the biggest Sporting event of the year and we are proud to announce another victory over Portsmouth, with a final score being 206 to Team Southampton and 170 to Portsmouth

The Varsity competition takes place between Southampton and Portsmouth each year with the Students’ Unions hosting the event on alternate years.

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Swimmers to watch at Rio 2016

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The Olympic Games 2016 in Rio is set to begin on the 05 August, so to get in the sporting spirit, Rebecca James takes a look at the swimming athletes sure to win gold this summer.

One of the best parts about the Olympics is the fantastic coverage of sport – the mainstream TV channels broadcast events and sports that normally wouldn’t get a look in. And while there have been developments in recent years in terms of the broadcasting of major events in swimming, there is nothing quite like spending a week watching heats, semi-finals and finals. However, because … Read the rest

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