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The Bridge Menu Now Available On Good Food Talks

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The Bridge menu is now available on Good Food Talks, an app which makes menus accessible for those with visual impairments and Specific Learning Difficulties. Lily McDermaid, our Disabilities Officer, tells us more:

“As Disabilities Officer, one thing I really want to push for is making ‘accessible’ venues truly accessible. As a result, SUSU now has a partnership with an app and website which makes browsing menus much easier for people with visual impairments or Specific Learning Difficulties like Dyslexia.

It allows users to use reading software already built into phones to read menus out loud as well as … Read the rest

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Invisible Disabilities Week

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Blog by Lily McDermaid, Disabilities Officer

This week is Invisible Disabilities Week, an annual campaign celebrated during 14 – 20 October. Over the course of this week, several articles written by students will be published on the Wessex Scene in order to share their experiences and shed some light on what living with an invisible disability or illness is like. Head on over to wessexscene.co.uk to read these articles and please share articles so as many people as possible can hear the important messages behind this awareness campaign. Feel free to get in touch with Lily McDermaid, Disabilities Officer … Read the rest

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