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Student Housing: Stay Savvy and Don’t Rush to Rent!

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No doubt students will be starting to think about their accommodation arrangements for next year, and there will be some of you who will be tempted to start house hunting as early as before Christmas. We’re here to reassure you not to panic! As part of our Don’t Rush campaign, we’re encouraging you to hold off until after exams finish in January. This way, you will be able to:

  • Visit our Housing Advice Fayre
  • Consider applying for halls with friends
  • Get to know potential housemates and make an informed choice about who they’re going to be living with
  • Look at
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The Housing Fayre is set to return…

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Got your student house for next year sorted yet? No? That’s what we like to hear.

The truth is, no matter what letting agents might tell you, there’s really no need to rush in getting yourself sorted for a house for the year ahead. There’s no shortage of housing, so you’re better off getting settled and choosing your housemates wisely (trust us on that one) before rushing into a contract.

So, congrats if you’ve held off until now. If you think you might be ready, late January is a good time to start looking at what housing’s out there – … Read the rest

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