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Sights of Southampton

In General

So you’re coming to Southampton, and you’re probably wondering what lies beyond the campus grounds. Whilst there are all the usual shops and amenities you may expect for a bustling city centre, there are many places and things to do that are unique to Southampton, and you should definitely check these places out whilst you’re here!

  1. Walk the city walls! Southampton was a huge port in centuries gone by, and the Bargate and city walls, which were built under the Norman control of Britain in the eleventh century, have been used ever since to serve the city. Whether it has
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Freshers’ Events Highlights: Don’t miss out on Soundclash Festival

In General

There are so many great activities and events both in the lead up to and during Freshers’ 2015 that it can be hard to keep up-to-date with it all. So to help you get a feel for what’s in store, we have picked our highlights so you know what to watch out for.

Day/Evening event: Soundclash Festival

 When? Saturday 26th September

Where? Lower Hardmoor Sports Ground, Eastleigh

Time? 14:00-00:00

Cost? £35

Missing festival season? Well it’s not over just yet. Introducing… Soundclash Festival! For a bargain £30, you can spend the day and an evening with 10,000 partygoers at Read the rest

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