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World Suicide Prevention Day

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Content Warning: talk of suicide, suicidal ideation, death, mental illness

Despite the breaking down of stigma around mental illness, suicide is still seen as a taboo topic. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, a day dedicated to preventing suicide through action, conversation and support.

A lesser-talked about issue within this conversation is suicidal ideation. Many people experience suicidal thoughts without actively planning for it, or even necessarily wanting to.

Something I’d learned in therapy this year was that intrusive thoughts, and thoughts about death and suicide, are actually a lot more common than we think. Many people experience intrusive thoughts … Read the rest

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You Are More Than Your Studies: What help is available?

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As a Students’ Union, mental health and wellbeing is so important to us. SUSU, as well as University of Southampton, have a number of services available to every student. We would like to take this You Are More Than Your Studies to remind you of these. 

Whether you need some support, would like to get involved or just need some more info we’ve got it all below. 

The Advice Centre

The Advice Centre, located in Building 40, provides free, independent and confidential support to all students. They can help you with issues that could be impacting your mental health Read the rest

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Union Southampton raises awareness of student mental health at Student Support Symposium conference

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Yesterday evening saw the first Student Support Symposium at The Bridge to raise staff and student awareness of existing support services available to University of Southampton students.

As well as raising awareness of support, the Symposium was intended to let people hear about students’ first-hand experiences of mental ill health and to start working towards a ‘One Click’ system, where you will you will be guided through a series of questions online to reach the appropriate support quickly.

The evening, run by our Advice Centre and Peer Support team at the Union,  included the student-run services Student Minds and Nightline … Read the rest

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Breaking Up For Summer

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Summer is here, which means that a lot of students have gone home and suddenly Southampton feels very empty.

Although it will be tough, with the nightlife at home not matching up to the Jesters standard, constantly having to explain that very funny story to your friends at home, who just do not find it funny, and loving family members who quickly irritate you, fear not, as soon enough it will be Freshers Week and you’ll be reunited with your housemates and friends.

Making the most of the summer break is different for everyone, with some people preferring a few … Read the rest

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Don’t crack under the pressure this Easter

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SUSU has put together top tips and sources of support for the Easter break….

Read the small print

Remind yourself what your tenancy agreement says should be done when your house or flat is empty (clauses may require you to take steps to prevent household damage in cold weather and/or to notify your landlord should the property be empty for a specified period).

It’s good to talk

Be sure you and your housemates are all clear on who is leaving and when. Decide which of you will take responsibility for ensuring the house is clean, safe and secure before

Read the rest

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Enabling Services – what are they?

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Sometimes all of the different things that are on offer from the university and SUSU can seem a little overwhelming, so we’re here to shed light on lots of essential parts of our community which can help you during your time in Southampton. This week – the Enabling Services.

From the name, you might be unsure of what exactly they are, but the best way to think of them is they enable you to perform to the best of your ability, by helping you deal with or overcome disabilities, mental health problems or learning difficulties. Our team of experts are … Read the rest

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