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#YouAreMoreThan: Exam tips from Emily

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This You Are More Than our Sabbs are bringing you some excellent top tips for exam season. Next up we have VP Communities Emily Harrison.Watch her exam tips video to learn how it’s done 👇🎬

First step for Emily is to get out all her highlighters and coloured pens. “When I would study I would get all the colours I could possibly get because I love to colour code.”

“I go through and highlight all of the useful information with different colours” says Emily “and then I will go through with revision cards and follow up on the colours.”

Although … Read the rest

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#YouAreMoreThan: Exam tips from Isabella

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This You Are More Than our Sabbs are bringing you some excellent top tips for exam season. We are starting with our VP Welfare Isabella Camilleri who is sharing her suggestions for looking after yourself when things get stressful. Watch below 👇🎬

You might want to be somewhere comfy but Isabella suggests separating the environment where you sleep and the one where you chill. “If you bring them together you’ll be stressed when you’re trying to sleep and when you’re trying to work you’ll just want to nap.”

“It doesn’t have to be a stressful environment” Isabella … Read the rest

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Study Tips and Revision

In General

With exams and deadlines approaching, we have devised some of our top tips to help you revise, prepare and relax. We’ll be posting each one on social media, so you’re never far away from the support you need on the go .



1.       Stick revision notes all around the room/house to help you retain the information by associating it with a particular place. When trying to recall it on the day of the exam, you’ll be able to mentally ‘walk’ through your notes.

2.       Travel to the Past – Do plenty of past papers and questions (if such

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You Are More Than Your Studies

In General

With exams and coursework deadlines approaching, you will be pleased to find out that we will be running our campaign again this summer to help you to relax and remind you that while your university work is important, you are more than your studies and you deserve time to relax and re-energise between deadlines.
The timetable is shaping up to be another cracker, with visits from adorable dogs and farm animals, plus favourites such as our Postgrad Power Teas and meditation classes to help you stay chilled as you smash that work out. Here’s what you can expect:

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Refreshers’: 3 Days to Go – Ticket Collection and Transport

In General

HURRY and get your passes! It’s only three days until Refreshers’

So many of you said that you thought Freshers’ went too quickly, so we’re giving you another opportunity to relax and refresh!

Early-birds have now sold out, but if you aren’t one of the jammy students who has already got their ticket, fear not! We’re offering standard passes and individual tickets from our Box Office at

This is what you can look forward to:

*FREE with our Refreshers’ Pass*

Monday 30 January


  • 22:00-03:00
  • Bedford Place, Southampton
  • Included in the Refreshers’ Pass
  • Individual tickets are £6.50

Join … Read the rest

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Welfare Packs: A Little Gift For You

In General

The Christmas holidays may be nearly over, but there’s no need to feel the January blues. As a little extra, we are giving away free Welfare Packs filled with goodies to our Halls Committees to help you survive the January study season. Whether you’re taking exams, submitting hand-ins and coursework or getting ready to go on placement, we’re here to support you. 
During the past week, our team have been joining Flora (Vice-President Student Communities) and Dan (Vice-President Engagement) to pack thousands of bags with surprises to get you through your next few deadlines. We don’t want to reveal all … Read the rest

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Special Considerations and Extension Deadlines Policy

In General

Through the Special Considerations and Extension Deadlines Policy you may be allowed:

  • An extension on a deadline
  • A second attempt at an assessment or exam
  • Other recommended action based on the evidence which you provide

For more information about your options:

  • Look in your subject handbook
  • Ask at your Faculty Student Office
  • Speak to your Personal Academic Tutor or Senior Tutor
  • Contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre at:

023 8059 2085

First floor, Building 40,
Highfield Campus (09:00 – 17:00)

Have your studies been affected by exceptional circumstances beyond your control?
Do you think that these circumstances have … Read the rest

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Safety Bus Times over the festive season

In General

We know that January can be a stressful time for you what with exams (dare we mention it) and adjusting to life back at uni after Christmas.

That’s why we have arranged for the Safety Bus to run from 20:00-06:30 between Monday 09 January – Monday 30 January. You can get back home safely whether it is pitch black or the early hours for just £1.50.

Find out more on our website.

 … Read the rest

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Freshers’ 2.0: Our Guide for Returning Students

In General

With all the focus on Freshers’, it’s important to remember that most of you have already been studying at the uni for at least a year. Whilst your lectures, exams and workload may increase, that’s not to say you can’t have an even better time in your second, third, fourth or even fifth year! Read our tips to have the ultimate returners experience:

  • Work hard, but play hard

As you progress through university, your workload will inevitably increase and get tougher, so you will need to spend those extra hours in the library reading up and preparing for deadlines. To … Read the rest

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Advice Centre: Hand-ins and exams didn’t go so well?

In General

We understand that you have tried your best with your work this year, but if you aren’t satisfied with the results you get on the day, we’re here to support you.

Come along to our Results Hub events at the Advice Centre, above The Stag’s in Building 40 on:

Friday 17 June 10:00 – 16:00.

Friday 24 June 10:00 – 16:00.
We can offer you information and support if you are considering appealing your exam results. Come and have a chat with us to:
• Receive a comprehensive guide on the grounds and process for appeal.
• Access support … Read the rest

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