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Our Response to Coronavirus Related Racism

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Last week the University were informed of a racially motivated attack on Chinese students outside of their accommodation, which was also reported by the Daily Echo here. SUSU has a zero tolerance approach to racism, and we have been working with the University in our capacity to support the students affected. The University have been working with the Leader of Southampton City Council and the Chinese Association of Southampton. Today, they published their response here.

A few weeks ago when the virus had reached a peak in China we worked closely with the Chinese Student Scholars Association to raise … Read the rest

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SUSU Expect Respect Policy Now Approved

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Our #ExpectRespect Policy is now approved and available to view on our Equality and Diversity page here: SUSU Equality and Diversity.

This policy was approved by the Trustee Board, elected Senators at Senate, and has been reviewed by the Liberation Officers.

This policy outlines what YOU can and should expect from your Students’ Union, and what we can expect from you. This is to ensure our behaviour and conduct is appropriate, inclusive and tolerant of everybody. This began development at the beginning of August 2019 and will now be a terms of reference policy under SUSU.

This is a … Read the rest

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Expect Respect Week

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During Expect Respect Week (Monday 16 April – Friday 20 April) we will be running events and activities which focus on healthy, respectful relationships – whether these are friendships, romantic and sexual relationships, families, or the relationship you have with yourself! #ExpectRespect

Monday 16 April

Give yourself a positive message today! We will be leaving sprinkles of positivity around the Union, so keep your eyes peeled…

Tuesday 17 April

Resilience Workshop // 13:00 – 14:45 // Meeting Room 2, Floor 1, Building 42

This workshop will teach you practical skills to help you remain calm and handle the stressful situations life … Read the rest

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Expect Respect – What does consent mean to you?

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Hi, it’s Sam Higman, VP Welfare, and I’m here with another Expect Respect blog following our campaign last week.


Trigger Warning: rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment

Last week, I wrote a blog about our Expect Respect campaign, which had a focus on sexual consent awareness. Throughout the week, student leaders, committee members and staff members wore  Expect Respect wristbands to show support for the campaign. In fact, many of us continue to wear them, and will do so on a daily basis.

We also ran the No Worries Wednesday Fayre on Wednesday 25 October, with relevant support and … Read the rest

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Expect Respect – Speaking Up and Raising Awareness

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Trigger Warning: rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment

This week we’re running our Expect Respect campaign, with a focus on sexual consent awareness. Last week, we saw the huge emergence of the #MeToo campaign on social media, where victims bravely shared their experiences of sexual harassment, assault, or violence, drawing attention to this widespread issue. We need to speak up and raise awareness about the importance and necessity of consent and make it clear that harassment is unacceptable.

It’s important to remember that many assaults and rapes go unreported; many people suffer in silence. According to Rape Crisis, 85,000 women and Read the rest

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